5G and AI empowered robot cleaner appears in Hangzhou

2019-11-26 14:26:29 source: Zhejiang News

On November 21st, 5G+AI+ unmanned outdoor large-scale robot vacuum appeared on the streets of Hangzhou. 

The size of the robot is similar to that of a sanitation car. It has a white camera with AI function on its head. With small wheels, and two round “brooms” in the front. When moving, it is slow, “at the speed of about 20km/hour”. According to the staff at the R&D company which produces the robot, it can reduce the workload of six sanitation workers after put into practice. When there is garbage in the front, the middle brush baffle of the robot will automatically raise. But when someone deliberately stands in front of it, it will smartly avoid him.

The AI intelligent analysis system of the cloud-based urban management can also view the scene in real time through multiple video surveillance cameras of the robot, to detect garbage or illegal parking. The command center of the cloud-based urban management can issue commands to the robots, monitor cameras, conduct road patrolling, etc.

At present, there are two new robots put into practice, and their service areas are temporarily in New World and Wulin Square of Xiacheng District.

Executive Editor: Wu Ziyi

Translation: Wu Ziyi, Chen Wenjing

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