Qiandao Lake with the Most Beautiful Color of Late Autumn

2019-11-21 15:08:12 source: Picturesque Zhejiang

  Golden rice fields;

  Golden sea of flowers;

  Golden gingko trees;

  Golden citrus fruits;

  The National Hiking Trail in the colorful mountain forest



When the world turns golden, Qiandao Lake is blessed with the most beautiful color of late autumn.


Wuxing Village五兴村


Wuxing Village consists of five natural villages that are distributed on two sides of a long and narrow road. It was nicknamed "little Chile" of Chun'an.


During this period, the 40 mu (1 mu is roughly equal to 666 sqm) of golden chrysanthemum in the village are blooming. Walk into the chrysanthemum base and a sea of golden chrysanthemum will meet your eyes.


Once a week, the villagers will pick the flowers in batches. In mid-November, we will greet the last flowering phase, and in the coming week, the chrysanthemum flowers are still in its best viewing period.


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Chichuankou Village 赤川口村


“Rub-a-dub, Rub-a-dub …” In the seemly boundless golden rice field, two nearly 30-meter-long “golden dragons” were rolling and dancing, which is an exciting scene seen in the Fenkou Daoxiang (Fragrance of Rice) Festival half a month ago. The magnificent straw dragon comes from Chichuankou Village, a national-level traditional "straw dragon ancient village" in Fenkou Town.


The long dragon is woven from thousands of rice straws. The dragon head weighing dozens of jin (1 jin = 500 grams) is lifelike and the trunk broad as the section of a basketball section is strong and powerful. The whole dragon body stretches nearly 30 meters, extremely magnificent. Surrounded by 42 small straw dragons, it looks even more majestic.


Do you want to wander in the golden rice waves, listen to the rustling of rice ears and hold the small straw dragon in your hand to bring home the joy of a bumper harvest? If yes, then go to Chichuankou Village!


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Zhonglian Village 中联村


Zhonglian Village is a famous village in Chun’an known for its high-quality citrus fruits. The citrus fruits here have been awarded the "Citrus King" by Chun’an County many times.


Zhonglian Village features beautiful mountains and water. Every family in the village grows citrus trees, with the area ranging from less than two or three mu to more than 100 mu. The citrus fruits in the village are numerous in varieties and in recent years, more varieties have been bred and there are varieties available for picking onwards to the next year.


After Nov 10, the citrus fruit is the most delicious. Come and taste!


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Dongyuan Village 洞源村


Hike to the top of the 975-meter-high Ling’an Peak (灵庵尖) and the local people will tell you "The golden time of ginkgo trees viewing is about to arrive."


The ancient ginkgo tree of Dongyuan Village is one of the famous ancient trees in Zhejiang Province. It is aged 1360 years and as high as 20 meters. It is so large that even 4 to 5 people wouldn’t be able to embrace it together.


In late autumn, the thousand-year-old ginkgo tree turned from dark green to emerald green, then to golden yellow, which becomes the most attractive autumn scenery in the high mountains of Chun’an.


Usually, it is the most beautiful in mid-November when the morning light spreads all over its branches and it is a world of brilliant golden yellow. There is also a high mountain observatory platform around the ginkgo tree, where you can watch the golden ginkgo leaves flying in the air and take wonderful shots at will.


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Hongshan’ao Village 红山岙村


The mountaineering trail of Hongshan’ao Village in Anyang Town is the elite section of Anyang National Fitness Mountaineering Trails (41.2 km long in total). The 5.68-kilometers-long ecological ditch boasts of running water and excellent air quality all the year round. The negative oxygen ions in the air have reached more than 30,000 per cubic centimeters.


There are more than 30 waterfalls in the ecological valley.


The mountaineering trail of Hongshan'ao Village is mainly primitive and belongs to class B. In recent days, leaves of some trees in the mountain have begun to turn yellow, extremely gorgeous. This Saturday (November 16, 2019), Anyang Village will hold a mountaineering culture festival. Don't miss it!

(Executive Editor: Yang Wenxi)

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