ZJ Picks: Fairy islands of Zhejiang await your exploration

2019-07-19 09:03:51 source: 起航号“诗画浙江”文旅资讯; Translation: In Zhejiang


Are foreign destinations your only choice for vacations? The islands of Shengsi County are blessed with the bright sunshine of Maldives, the beautiful seas of Tahiti, the soft beaches of Bali Island, and the pure romance of Santorini... It is the filming destination for  Ode to Joy 2 and Dream House.


Yellow Dragon Island

Yellow Dragon Island is a small and uncommercialized island, where the fishermen’s families are living simple and happy lives.


Qi’ao Village

Qi’ao Village was built along the mountains. When you walk into the village, you will enter a world of stones.


Chibo Hill

The hill is not high, located in the southeast of Yellow Dragon Island. The rocks are in a warm tone which looks fascinating against the backdrop of the blue sea.


Yunhai Garden

Standing quietly at the cliff, Yunhai Garden has a 270-degree seascape. When enjoying a meal in the restaurant, you can also have a direct view of the vast and misty seawater and waves through the windows.


B&B in the Stone Village

The local stone culture and fishery elements are perfectly interpreted in the B&Bs built along the sea through the antique and simple stone courtyards, the earthen jars painted with fishery patterns, and the fishing boats looming in the distance.


Huaniao Island

In the northernmost of the archipelago of Shengsi County, the seawater is blue all the time.  There are no lights at night, but you can see the twinkling stars in the dark sky. 


Island-viewing Platform

From the platform, you can see the islands to the south such as Caiqi, Zhangqi, and Dapan Islands as well as Gouqi and Shengshan Islands. To the north, you can see the panorama of Huaniao and Bei’ao Islands, the haven where fishing boats are berthed daily and the blue-and-white folk dwellings. 


Boat-shaped Wine Bar

If you get tired after a walk, you can take a seat in the boat-shaped wine bar. The bar lies in a perfect location where you can enjoy a glass of beer in the company of sea breeze and waves. The unrivaled seascape is pleasant and refreshing.


Five-finger Rock

The Five-finger Rock lies in the northeast of Huaniao Island, standing high among the rocks and resembling a palm of Zen meaning. It is one of the best viewing places of the sunrise as it faces the sea, where tourists can enjoy the view of the sunset.


Huaniao Light Tower

Built by the British during the regency of Emperor Tongzhi in Qing Dynasty, it is “the biggest lighthouse in the Far East” and the “second biggest lighthouse in Asia”. The black-and-white architecture features elegance and simplicity, witnessing the Opium War and symbolizing the everlasting love.


Huaniao Island is one of the rare places in China where one can see “florescent sea”. If you are lucky, you may run into such wonderful scenery at the offshore of the island.

(Executive Editor: Zhe LOU)

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