Yaoshan Ruins at Liangzhu Archaeological Site: A stunning sacrificial site

2019-06-26 15:03:13 source: 良渚文化遗址;Translation: In Zhejiang


Located on the top of a hill about 5 km northeast outside the ruins of the ancient city in Liangzhu, Yaoshan ruins are a composite site of a sacrificial altar and high-level tombs of early Liangzhu Culture.

斗转星移 潘劲草 摄于瑶山遗址古祭坛.jpg

The Yaoshan sacrificial altar is an important sacrificial site built earlier than the Yaoshan tombs and the ruins of the ancient city. With a flat top, square plane and the soil of three colors, the altar, surrounded by flood control stone ridges, may be a venue for worshiping the heaven and earth, deities, ancestors and observing astronomical phenomena.


Thirteen Liangzhu tombs have been cleared at the altar, all of which are vertical earthen pit tombs, distributed in two rows in south and north. The No. 7 tomb in the middle of the southern row and No. 11 tomb in the middle of the northern row are of the highest level. 754 pieces (sets) of burial objects have been unearthed, including 678 pieces (sets) of jade wares.

(Executive Editor: Liu LIU)

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