Angelababy, Dilraba, LAY... A star-studded water town in China

2019-06-21 10:44:13 source: 起航号“诗画浙江文旅资讯”; Translation: In Zhejiang


At the mention of Wuzhen, what comes to your mind? Wuzhen Opera Festival, or the Wuzhen Summit of World Internet Conference? 

Recently, Wuzhen has won a new title, “a soft spot for reality shows in China”.


Dilraba, a popular actress in China, has made Wuzhen more gentle and graceful.


LAY, a cool boy in Wuzhen today.


When taking a boat at Wuzhen, you can tell your friends, “I have been in the same boat as the one Show Lo was in.”


Yue Yunpeng and Jia Nailiang also appeared in Wuzhen at night, have you been lucky enough to run into them?

Guess what they were doing there? Let’s wait for the program to be aired.

Other than the program Go fighting, more variety shows have been staged in Wuzhen these years.

1. Running Man


Deng Chao, Wong Cho Lam, Zheng Kai, Angelababy, Jerry Lee...


If you were a huge fan of the variety show Running Man, you must know that Wuzhen was selected as the shooting place for season one episode two of the show.


Ride an old-style bike on Riyue Square to experience the time of nostalgia and immerse yourself in the enchanting scenery. This kind of beauty is original without any polishing.

2. Give Me Five


Karry Wang, Liu Haoran, Zhang Yishan, Dong Zijian, Wang Dalu...

Comparing to Running Man, Give Me Five appears to be much more “miserable” in Wuzhen. The participants had to fulfill tasks, transport goods, search for clues and pick blueprint cloth...They had almost covered all blue flagstone bridges of Wuzhen for a host of activities.


A memorial archway inscribed with characters “Wuqing Yuxiu”


Zhang Hongxing's festive lantern store


Airing ground for blueprint cloth

3. The Perfect Restaurant


Chen Linong, Huang Minghao, Wang Ziyi, You Changjing, Wang Ju, Li Zixuan, Chen Yihan...


The stars turn into common catering entrepreneurs who independently perform all kinds of tasks in running a restaurant in Wuzhen and Wucun. Of course, as they are running a “Perfect Restaurant” here, they are deeply attracted by Wucun of Wuzhen.



The star chefs search for delicacies of Wuzhen and miss no delicacy.


The uniqueness of the water town lies in boats. Sitting on a floating boat, you will be taken into a realm of romance on the clear water.


No one can resist the charming Wuzhen Water Town. When will you stage your “variety show” in Wuzhen?

(Executive Editor: Lubin WANG)

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