Zhejiang exhibition in Horticultural Expo features gardening culture

2019-06-03 13:07:41 source: CCTV Plus客户端


The Zhejiang exhibition zone in the 2019 International Horticultural Exhibition currently going on in Beijing is treating visitors with its own gardening culture. Zhejiang Province is located in China's eastern coastal regions. 

Upon entering the Chinese Pavilion of the Expo, one of the first things people see is a giant ecological wall. On the wall, there is a landscape painting, six meters high and 14 meters long, completely 'painted' with plants. A large percentage of the plants - moss, succulents, bamboo - came from the eastern coast of Zhejiang, and the whole image is also based on the landscape of Zhejiang. 

Zhejiang is known for its garden designs. In the gardens at the Expo, visitors cans see plants of which arrangement is given symbolic meanings from traditional culture. But seeing is only a part of the experience. Guests can also listen to music played with traditional instruments like the guzheng, and taste the green tea picked from Zhejiang's mountains. 

"Here I can talk with people from Zhejiang and appreciate Zhejiang's tea and culture. So I think this is a kind of zero-distance contact, very close to life. The sense of immersion is also great," said Chen Zhuo, a visitor from Beijing. 

If visitors wish to get a comprehensive understanding of the Zhengjiang-style garden culture, the Zhejiang exhibition zone inside the Chinese Pavilion is the place to go. There are over 100 miniature landscape exhibits. Some are from hundred-year-old trees that take decades to cultivate into the potted artistic landscape.

 "The potted landscapes we selected pretty much represent the artistic level of Zhejiang-style potted landscapes, which are permeated with strength, with its natural and unique perseverance, as well as the gentleness typical of the region south of the Yangtze River," said Ma Ping, office director of the Zhejiang Flower Association. 

The Zhejiang potted landscapes and gardening art are a huge hit among visitors. "It's very beautiful. There are so many potted landscapes and flowers, all arranged in such an elegant way," said one visitor. "I feel that the Zhejiang exhibition zone is artistically designed. There's some resemblance to Chinese landscape paintings, embedded with elements of traditional Chinese culture," said another visitor.

(Executive Editor: Xinyu Xie)

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