Z Video: An immersive journey to the ancient Silk Road

2019-06-17 12:56:57 source: Z Video; Re-edited: Zhiyi Dai

Dunhuang  City, in north-west China, is situated on a crossroads of two major trade routes within the Silk Road network. Lying in an oasis at the edge of the Taklamakan Desert, the city was one of the first trading cities encountered by merchants arriving in China from the west, also a major gateway for trade, pilgrimage and the exchange of art and cultures.

Among all the art treasures of Dunhuang, murals are definitely a rare and glaring wonder, containing invaluable information about religions, culture, economy, lifestyle, military and international exchanges of the ancient Silk Road. However, many murals have suffered from flaking of paint and human damages in the late 19th century. 

The recent exhibition “Gem of Silk Road: Murals from Dunhuang to Gaochang” held at Hangzhou Powerlong Art Center from June 15 to October 7 explores the history and art of ancient Silk Road. By using immersive technology and color restoration, it makes the murals come to life again.

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