Kerry New Live! You are going to get more fun from this place in the last month of 2019!

2019-12-02 20:38:03 source: Hangzhou Kerry Centre

Kerry New Live! 

On November 29, 2019, Hangzhou Kerry Centre were lit up as the music played, and the one-month year-end carnival officially kicked off! This year is the 3rd anniversary of Hangzhou Kerry Centre, and people gathered at Hangzhou Kerry Centre in this December to speak for their dreams.


The pure voice of the choir from Wellington College International conveyed warmth in this winter. principal Mr. Kash-Lee Bane said, "Let’s put love and hope in these pure wishes, and I sincerely wish everyone peace and happy."

After the singing, Mr. Shi Libo, General Manager of Midtown Shangri-La Hotel, Hangzhou, and Ms. Liu Jingjing, Director of Kerry Centre, paid tribute to the citizens of Hangzhou, "In this new journey, we will continue to walk with you."


The super cute "Mousy" showed up at the "Hangzhou Hit Music Party"

Recently, Hangzhou Kerry Centre is very popular on WeChat and Xiaohongshu. With the beautiful bright lights, the Centre is so much like a fantasy town in the fairy tale that people can easily take great photos without any filter. At Hangzhou Kerry Centre, there are not only scenes that surprise you, but also the music! A unique music party brings a unique winter experience to people in Hangzhou.


"Wow! Mum, this is so cute!" The popular "Mousy" from Taiwan showcases its super cuteness, which can be called the spotlight at the Centre, as lots of people queue up to take a photo with it. This cute and colorful "Mousy" is designed by HKC’s specially invited artist No2Good. Well-known designer and artist No2Good is a dear friend of Ashin of MayDay Band. The two also co-founded the well-known trend brand STAYREAL. "Mousy" designed by No2Good has been a hit since it was created. Many artists are fans of "Mousy"! In this December, "Mousy" designed by No2Good made its debut in Hangzhou for Christmas, bringing fun to the audience. Cross-border design will not stop, and trends are endless. Let’s spend Kerry New Live with "Mousy"!


2019 KML Original Music Contest is an important event at Hangzhou Kerry Centre, attracted nearly 100 musicians from all over the country. Today, participants of KML. put on a fantastic live performance which drove away the winter dullness. All the audience at the scene were so high that the atmosphere was getting more and more lively.


The passionate jazz dance “Scarlet and Black” instantly lit up the whole Centre. A symphony slowly flowed into the heart of audience to resonate with the souls. It is a dual experience of vision and hearing. While the music was echoing in the air, parents were holding their children, couples were hugging each other, and friends were looking at each other, as if time stopped when people were enjoying the moment.


The 3-year-old Kerry Centre continues to bring Love to people and make people’s dreams come true

Coincidentally, it is the 3rd birthday of Hangzhou Kerry Centre, and the clues of the celebration can be found everywhere. It was a unique lighting ceremony that attracted everyone’s attention. With the “Ding Dong” of the copper bells, Santa went onto the stage with the children, and the children handed the records with the typing of “3rd” in the gift bag to the leaders of Hangzhou Kerry Centre. When the theme record containing 3 years’ memories of Kerry Centre played, all the lights were turned on one by one, and the entire Centre shone like a starry sky. Everyone was caught in the beautiful scenery instantly, while holding each other’s hand, summarizing the year of 2019 and expecting for the year of 2020.

“What are these children wearing at their ears?” The children who passed the records on the stage of the lighting ceremony all wore cochlear implants. They may not be able to hear the voice of the world, but they are all pure angels. The “Building New Dreams of Voices” charitable event was introduced on the spot. Kerry Centre has always been building dreams for them, and inviting everyone to cheer for them!


Surprises continue in December, the end of 2019!

From December 24th to 25th, The Angels Flash Mob, the Broadway SHOW, the children’s singing, the theater play “Beauty and the Beast”, the Grand Parade and other wonderful performances took place at Hangzhou Kerry Centre. On December 31st, “The Night Live Show” 2020 New Year Carnival will rock the whole city, with the dynamic cowboy dance, passionate Samba dance, visual dance show, and moreover, mysterious popular singers will appear to surprise you...All people in Hangzhou are invited to come to Kerry Centre to join the New Year’s Eve countdown!



Do not miss the annual colorful market, which brings together delicious snacks, exquisite desserts, mellow coffee, jewelry of original design, on-site hand-drawn activity, exquisite bags, etc. In this winter, why not sit down and feel the joy of hand making. With rope art painting, hand crank music box, luminous house, deer candlestick, luminous bottle, let’s share this with the loved ones.


Hangzhou Kerry Centre illuminates the winter with music and welcomes the warmth of the New Year with rhythm. The Centre will say goodbye to the year of 2019 and enter the year of 2020 together with you!


No2Good/Well-known designer, international animation aesthetic artist, manager of STAYREAL

No2Good is best known for his figurines and graphic paintings, and was voted one of the most influential person in the minds of Taiwanese designers. He is not only a dear friend of Ashin of Mayday Band, but also a co-founder of the popular trendy brand STAYREAL with Ashin for 12 years. He is also an influential designer and artist in his field. No2Good has worked with internationally renowned brands such as Coca-Cola, Levi’s, and Mercedes-Benz, and his works often tour major art exhibitions around the world.


Violins Yan

Members of Violins Yan come from major professional music organizations, including well-known violinists from the Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris and Hangzhou Song and Dance Theatre. Play with love, explain every piece of moving music with love!


Wellington College International

Wellington College International (Hangzhou), established in September 2018, is a school provides first-class international education for children of foreigners aged 2 to 18 (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan). The national curriculum for England is adopted in the pre-primary and primary stages of the School, supplemented by an interdisciplinary international primary curriculum. At the middle-school stage, after completing the IGCSE course, students will choose A level or IB courses as needed. As a member of the Wellington family, Wellington College International (Hangzhou) adheres to the values and characteristics of Wellington College International, and provides students with a unique whole-person education.

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