2019 Wooden Sculpture Creation and Exchange Achievement Exhibition of African Artists kicked off in Hangzhou

2019-09-24 14:31:16 source: Zhejiang News


Recently, the 2019 Wooden Sculpture Creation and Exchange Achievement Exhibition of African Artists was kicked off at the Artistic Creation Town of Hangzhou. The exhibition showed nearly 20 works by 13 artists of China and 4 countries of Africa.

Earlier 11 wooden sculpture artists launched a 29-day wooden sculpture creation and exchange program in Zhejiang. Before the end of the exchange program, the achievement exhibition was held to provide the artists of China and Africa with the chances and platform for exhibition and communication. The exhibition showed the achievements of the African artists when they learned and exchanged on creation in Zhejiang. Their works blended Chinese elements and African characteristics, enabling the common people to enjoy the splendid wooden sculpture art from Africa at their doorsteps.

As a core platform of the Zhijiang cultural industrial belt, the the Artistic Creation Town has attracted a lot of cultural industries and achieved an integrated development of arts and technology. It has attracted over 2,700 cultural creativity enterprises to pursue business and innovation here and formed an ecosystem witnessing the robust development of different industries such as digital culture, creative design, film technology and animated games. The Crafts Museum, China International Design Museum, Zhejiang Musical Instrument Museum and Xiangshan International Arts District, etc. in the town are opened to citizens for free, which has held intangible cultural activities with international influence such as the first China Craftsmen Conference attracting thousands of top-level craftsmen such as Gan Erke and Fan Yaoqing, the “Belt and Road” Workshop of Master Artists participated in by 8 artists from five countries along the Belt and Road, namely Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia, the “Oriental Bamboo” Asian Bamboo Life Art Exhibition of over 30 works created by master craftsmen from countries such as Japan and India. It has become a global exchange window of culture and arts.

The exhibition will last till September 29.

Executive Editor: Ke Ye

Translation: Ke Ye, Wenjin Chen

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