The 4th Zhejiang-Germany Digital Economy and Hi-tech Industry Docking Conference wraps up

2020-06-11 21:30:24 source: Weng Jie, Zhang Hui

On June 10, the 4th Zhejiang-Germany Digital Economy and Hi-tech Industry Docking Conference opened in Hangzhou. Nearly 300 enterprise representatives and industrial park leaders from Germany and Zhejiang conducted the "docking on the cloud" for the first time.



Foreign-funded enterprises are looking for opportunities in Zhejiang, and Zhejiang enterprises are also eager to cooperate with European high-tech enterprises. During the China Zhejiang Investment and Trade Symposium, Zhejiang Green New Materials Co., Ltd. and an Italian industry giant signed a project with an investment of 30 million US dollars and an annual output of 3,000 tons of fluorine-containing special film, which was settled in Kecheng District of Quzhou city. Pan Zhikang, chairman of Green New Materials Co., Ltd. said that the new project will develop and produce new fluorine film materials for aviation, 5G communication, semiconductor packaging, and other fields.


The advanced management mode of European enterprises also attracts representatives of Zhejiang enterprises. "We are eager to seek the cooperation of international professional companies to solve the life cycle management problems of rail transit lines of different modes," Chen Hua, chairman of the Provincial Rail Transit Operation Management Group Co., Ltd, told the reporter. 


"In recent years, Hailiang has continuously built its own production base overseas and accelerated industrial transformation and upgrading through overseas mergers and acquisitions." Qian Ziqiang, secretary of the board of directors of Hailiang Stock Company, said that the Company bought five KME factories in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain for 119 million euros in 2019 to enter the European market.


Qian Ziqiang pointed out that in the face of the complicated situation of increasing risks and challenges at home and abroad, Zhejiang enterprises operating across borders need to coordinate the domestic and international markets and seek greater development opportunities.

(Compiled by Xu Yuhong, translated by Tao Mingzhou)

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