Jack Ma's message to Zhejiang entrepreneurs at the 5th World Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Convention

2019-11-13 20:37:10 source: Ke Ye


Jack Ma, the legendary figure of world business arena who has stepped down from his role as the executive of Alibaba is never one to shy away from the limelight. At present, he still remains the chairman of the General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs and is always active in promoting a sustainable world business scenario. At the end of the Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Forum of 5th World Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Convention, Jack Ma gave a keynote speech on trending topics that interest the global business community. The multibillionaire seems to be never afraid to air his opinions to the public. He is always eloquent and insightful. Let's get a quick review about his message to Zhejiang entrepreneurs. 


Zhejiang entrepreneurs need to learn from others 

Jack says that the economy as well as the business world is changing constantly. Unless you progress by learning, you go backwards. And he says that the key point of the get-together of Zhejiang entrepreneurs is mutual learning and communication. Those who stop feeding their minds and learning from others are silly people, Jack says. 

Communication is important for Zhejiang entrepreneurs 

Jack mentions that entrepreneurs often fight the battles on their own. They are lonely. In this sense, communication is essentially important, not only between entrepreneurs, but also between entrepreneurs and the mangement team, and also between managers and employees. He also emphasizes that for the the General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs and other Chinese associations of entrepreneurs, the primary focus of the communication between entrepreneurs is not about finding money. It is about how to build better organizations and how to provide better services to those association members. 

Zhejiang entrepreneurs shall "go out"

Jack admits that globalization is a fact. "If you find it hard to do business with the Americans, then go to Europe or other places in the world. 'Going-out' or embracing the world is not a guarantee of your business success, however, it will expand your horizons if you can learn from others about how to treat your employees or how to do environmental protection etc.", Jack says, "Business opportunities are everywhere, and if you can find solutions for the local community, then you will be successful." 

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