Qiantang Ecological Park officially opens

2019-12-26 18:59:51 source: Zhejiang News (Wu Jiani)


On December 25, the Qiantang Ecological Park was officially opened, undertaken by the Hangzhou Municipal Water Group. The park is located near the Qige community of Xiasha Sub-district, Qiantang New District, Hangzhou, which will provide citizens nearby with a leisure facility. Besides, it’s also a special park as a sewage treatment plant is hidden below it.

The first semi-buried sewage treatment plant of Hangzhou

The sewage treatment plant adopts a semi-buried layout, which is the first semi-buried sewage treatment plant of Hangzhou, designed with a daily treatment capacity of 300,000 tons of sewage and a discharge reaching the national first-class A standard.


Integration of an ecological park with sponge elements

Occupying an area of about 160 mu, Qiantang Ecological Park above the sewage treatment plant is the first ecological park built above the sewage treatment plant in Hangzhou. It is a high-quality ecological park integrating leisure sports, ecological culture and scientific popularization and education.

Building a special education base of water culture

“While improving our sewage treatment capacity, we are also publicizing related knowledge of water among more people and make more people cherish and protect the water environment,” said Zhu Hong, deputy general manager of Hangzhou Municipal Water Group Co., Ltd.


Executive Editor: Ye Ke

Translation: Ye Ke, Chen Wenjing

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