Z VIDEO: Amazing wood art created by Hangzhou carving master

2019-06-13 11:23:52 source: 浙江新闻客户端; Re-edited: Xinyu Xie

Shengning Zheng is a master of Chinese woodcarving art from Hangzhou. Also, he is a representative inheritor of the Hangzhou Boxwood Carving, an intangible cultural heritage. Zheng has been concentrating on carving for more than 60 years and has achieved excellent results. He is good at boxwood carving, root carving, and urban sculpture. His works have won national gold medals many times. 


Boxwood carvings focus on finely crafted, delicate and versatile procedures, conceiving, making clay sculptures, selecting materials, chiseling rough embryos, carving embryos, detailing, sanding and polishing... The creation of a piece of work often takes several months to several years, condensed a lot of energy and effort. In recent years, based on inheriting tradition, boxwood carvings absorb the realistic methods of modern sculpture and pay attention to the relationship between body shaping, texture, and space. Shengning Zheng said: "The spirit of craftsmanship is to strive for excellence. If you want to make progress, you must innovate."


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