Lin'an Customs and Tourism Festival attracted wide attentions

2020-01-13 15:34:28 source: Zhejiang News (Lin'an Today)


On January 6, 2020, the ninth Lin'an Customs and Tourism Festival and Tuankou Line Noodle Cultural Festival sponsored by Lin'an People's Government of Hangzhou kicked off in Tuankou Town, Lin'an District, Hangzhou.

In the beautiful Tuankou Town, a series of intangible cultural customs and cultural activities were launched. Intangible cultural heritage was an important theme of this event. Based on the rich intangible cultural heritage of Tuokou Town, with the intangible heritage projects and inheritors of six sections and five categories, visitors could watch the unique intangible cultural heritage performances in Badu Street and the "New Year Market" through technology demonstration, experience interaction, etc. In addition, visitors could also experience intangible cultural heritage activities such as heat painting, Changhua bamboo weaving, and red hair lion mask graffiti. Meanwhile, the family portraits and the long street banquets of 13 unique dishes of Tuankou, and "pork meal" with a strong festive atmosphere were also shown to the visitors, allowing them to experience a traditional Chinese new year while watching, appreciating, playing and studying intangible cultural heritage.


In addition to the main venue, the Lin'an Customs and Tourism Festival had also set up venues in Damingshan National AAAA-level Tourist Resort, Gaohong Longmen Mystery Park, Banqiao Wenwu Shangtian and other places, preparing many wonderful and rich activities such as snow carnival, folk art exhibitions, parades, customs fairs, national design and custom festivals, which improved the lively atmosphere of the Chinese New Year.



Lin'an District is located on the golden tourist route from Hangzhou to Mount Huangshan. It is rich in tourism resources since it has a variety of unique tourist resources such as mountains, waterfalls, canyons, solutional caves, hot springs, and skis. There are 32 scenic spots and 17 3A-level scenic villages in Lin’an District, which has long been the tourist destination for visitors in the Yangtze River Delta and known as the “backyard” of the metropolis. In recent years, aiming at urban internationalization, industrial modernization, and global scenic spots, Lin’an has taken the all-region tourism demonstration area as its starting point, to work hard to promote the development of tourism. In 2019, Lin’an will take the all-regional scenic area as the primary goal to carry out the construction of “eight routes and ten scenic spots”, which created ten demonstration villages (Qinshan Blue Bay, Wenwu Shangtian, Longmen Mystery Park, Red Leaf Guide, Tianmu Yuexiang, and Mount Damingshan) along the eight beautiful rural connection routes. Currently, the first phase of the six villages is completed, forming the development trend of Tianmu Village, with connected scenic spots.

Executive Editor: Ye Ke

Translation: Ye Ke, Chen Wenjing

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