Making dried sweet potatoes in Jinting Town, Shengzhou

2019-12-16 17:19:25 source: Zhejiang News (Zheng Peigeng, Ye Feng, Zheng Tianyuan)


In Jinting Town, Shengzhou, families are busy making dried sweet potatoes and sliced sweet potatoes, and such delicious dishes can be seen neatly dried everywhere. People create this rustic cuisine in the most honest way, forming a unique landscape.




Speaking of the inheritance of the producing techniques, the villagers can no longer trace their origin. After the sweet potatoes are stored for one or two months, the starch decomposes, the water evaporates, and the sugar content increases. Only until then it is time to make dried sweet potatoes. 2.5 kilos of fresh sweet potatoes can make 0.5 kg of dried sweet potatoes. In fact, the finished dried sweet potatoes are common, but in order to make dried sweet potatoes with unique flavors and softness, the steps of cutting, steaming, baking, drying, and turning are indispensable. Making dried sweet potatoes is a battle with time, and every step cannot be done without following the exact timetable, which is the only way to make the cuisine in the most traditional and authentic way.

Executive Editor: Ye Ke

Translation: Ye Ke, Chen Wenjing

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