Zhejiang Province Foreign-Invested Enterprises Roundtable held in Ningbo

2019-06-09 23:17:19 source: In Zhejiang; By Yongliu He



On June 9, 2019, Zhejiang Province Foreign-Invested Enterprises Roundtable was held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province on the occasion of the first China-CEEC Expo.


Hosted by the Zhejiang Provincial People's Government and organized by Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province and the Ningbo Municipal People's Government, the roundtable attracted nearly 120 representatives and officials from provincial and municipal governments and authorities in charge of commerce, as well as the world's top 500 enterprises, multinational corporations, foreign-invested businesses to jointly explore and promote a new pattern of reform and opening up on all fronts.


Sheng Qiuping, Director-General of Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, introduced Zhejiang’s work on foreign-invested enterprises.


Since 2018, the province has formulated a series of policies including “Several Opinions on Promoting the Growth of Foreign Capital" and accelerated the construction of opening-up platforms such as the pilot free trade zone, economic development zones, and international industrial cooperation parks. Moreover, the one-stop service for the filing and registration of foreign-invested businesses has been implemented throughout Zhejiang, offering foreign-invested companies with a favorable business environment. Zhejiang has made impressive progress in constructing a land of high-quality foreign-invested enterprises, according to Sheng Qiuping.


Representatives from foreign-invested enterprises echoed the speech, expressing gratitude for the support provided by the government at all levels. Also, they put forward suggestions on future development, Zhejiang's expansion of opening up, and the optimization of the business environment.

Yu Heng, President of OTIS Electric, said in his speech that OTIS’s development is inseparable from the assistance provided by the Zhejiang government at all levels. “Not merely has the company benefited from the cut of taxes and administrative fees, but also from Zhejiang's preferential talents policy. The ‘Run Once at Most’Reform has bettered the business environment, boosting the confidence of Zhejiang enterprises,” said Mr. Yu.


Since July 1, 2018, Zhejiang officially launched the one-stop service for the filing and industrial and commercial registration of foreign-invested projects, which greatly facilitated the operation of businesses.


“In 2018, our sales reached RMB 420 million yuan. I would like to thank the Zhejiang Provincial Government and the departments for their support to the company and for providing a relatively stable investment environment,” said Peruch Andrea, Managing Director of INglass-HRSFlow, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Italian company Inglass. Mr. Andrea said it was encouraging to see that Italy and China signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in support of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). He looked forward to taking the opportunity to bring more positive outcomes for the two countries.


In 2018, Zhejiang Province has made fruitful achievements with regards to BRI related enterprises. The total amount of imports and exports between Zhejiang and countries along the route of the Belt and Road reached RMB 900 billion yuan. Concerning the overseas BRI project, Zhejiang contracted over 300 Yixin’ou cargo trains, transferring numerous products to and from Europe through Yiwu. Zhejiang is expanding foreign trade and investment cooperation by means of the Belt and Road, and it is set to bring more opportunities to enterprises in the region.


During the event, related provincial departments responded to issues of concern including tax reduction, entry and exit visas, medical treatment for foreigners, housing for employees and education of their children, customs clearance procedures, intellectual property protection, etc.


Zhu Congxi, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province, concluded the meeting with a speech.

Zhu Congjiu stressed that the province will make every effort to create a world-class business environment and provide the best service for the high-quality development of enterprises.

With an aim of creating the best business environment and comprehensively enhancing the satisfaction and acquisition of enterprises, Zhejiang will focus on easing the burden of enterprises, promoting the “Run Once at Most” Reform, implementing China's new foreign investment law, paying attention to the pain points of the whole cycle of businesses and keeping in line with the highest international standards, according to Zhu Congjiu.

Mr. Zhu also mentioned the current situation in the international economy and trade, which are turning on new features as protectionism and unilateralism tends to recur and the economic globalization experiences setbacks.


Regardless of the complex international environment, Zhejiang will stick to the guideline of “China’s policies of attracting foreign investment will not change, nor will its pledge to protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investors in China and improve its services for foreign companies operating in China” as requested by President Xi Jinping. It will promote all-round opening up, create an open, transparent legal and policy environment, and ensure that all parties have an equal opportunity to compete in the market.


“Zhejiang's door of opening-up will open even wider. Welcome friends from all over the world to share the broad opportunities brought about by Zhejiang's development,” said Zhu Congjiu.

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