Zhejiang’s first cross-border e-commerce pick-up center opened in Ningbo Bonded Zone

2019-06-07 11:09:37 source: Zhejiang News; Translation:In Zhejiang



On June 5, Zhejiang Province’s first cross-border e-commerce pickup center was put into operation at the import commodity market of Ningbo Bonded Zone, indicating that a major breakthrough was achieved in the cross-border e-commerce of Ningbo.

The pickup center is located on the third floor of the import commodity market, with Phase I occupying 3,000 ㎡. Traceable products directly purchased from overseas are exhibited and sold, including popular commodities from around the world such as cosmetics, personal care products, nutrition and health care products, maternal and infant supplies.

The prominent characteristic of the center is that customers can pick up the goods shortly after purchase and keep in pace with the global market. It is an innovative cross-border e-commerce operation supervision model introduced by the customs office of Ningbo which features “bonded e-commerce and picking up the goods offline”, supported by the business of Ningbo Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone and Ningbo’s Import Commodity Center.

At the center, the customs performs integrated supervision on the “warehousing, exhibition and sales” of cross-border commodities. Customers can enjoy experiential shopping and the price advantage of cross-border online shopping.

“The pickup center is equivalent to an O2O experience store in the special supervision area of the customs. In the past, customers could only place an order online and wait for their parcels to be mailed to them. Here, customers can experience the commodities offline and take away the goods a few minutes after they place an order, which is a new shopping experience for them,” introduced by a staff member. When buying import commodities, customers finish the entire process of checking out and customs clearance on the spot.

It was reported that this was one of the eight innovative measures pushed forward by the customs office of Ningbo to promote the high-quality development of cross-border e-commerce and bonded import. The eight measures include “free trade zone and port are integrated to facilitate the inspection of cross-border commodities”, “tax guarantee is innovated to reduce financial pressure of cross-border e-commerce enterprises”, “commodities are sampled for inspection in the warehouse to improve the quality and safety guarantee of cross-border commodities”, etc.

(Executive Editor: Yongliu He)

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