International exhibitions reshuffle the consumption pattern of Zhejiang

2019-06-03 13:05:09 source: Zhejiang News; Translation: In Zhejiang


With advantaged platforms such as China-CEEC Expo and China International Import Expo, Zhejiang is expanding the import of quality products to serve its people and enterprises and promote the supply-side reform, providing Zhejiangese with better products and offering more advanced technical services and manufacturing equipment for the transformation and upgrade of Zhejiang businesses.

At the mention of CEEC products, what will you think of? Czech crystal, Polish beeswax, or Belarusian woodcarving? Nowadays, these artworks are no longer the sole spotlight. In recent years, the main products flooding in via the ports of Zhejiang have been replaced by health care products, mother and baby products, toiletries, cosmetics and wines.

“The top options of gifts among the youngsters are products that nourish blood, protect skin and improve sleep.” During the fourth China-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo last year, Nick, a wine retailer from Croatia finally won the qualification to the exhibition, and the Chinese he has practiced for a long time could finally be put into use. An exhibitor from Latvia looked at the order just signed and said, “Our products such as cake, chocolate and drinks are popular in China.”

With the upgrade of consumption level of China, the demand of customers has grown for quality, pollution-free and purely natural foods. According to the introduction, quality products represented by organic foods are an advantaged industry of CEECs, which are consistent with the pursuit of quality life of the Chinese.

“Customers are in pursuit of quality and do not care that much about the prices. The products from CEECs have been unfamiliar to Chinese customers in the past. We hope that the first China-CEEC Expo will become a better channel and platform for consumption between foreign trade enterprises and the customers,” said a staff member of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce.

The import of quality goods has been expanded through international exhibitions to enrich the supply for customers. The same scene also occurred in the1st China International Import Expo that attracted global attention last year.

NetEase Koala, a Zhejiang enterprise familiar to “new dads and moms”, signed product purchasing agreements worth nearly 20 billion yuan with more than 110 enterprises during the Import Expo, covering products such as mother and baby products, cosmetics favored by female customers, health care products needed by elders, as well as new products with  strong potential including household products and personal care products.

During the Import Expo, Zhejiang Wuchan Zhongda Cloud Business Co., Ltd. signed with three foreign traders on the purchases of products such as cosmetics and pet foods. Li Yuan, the assistant of the managing director of the company, told the journalist that the Import Expo was a good platform which gathered up overseas brands and promoted them in China. With the chance, the company would discover more quality consumer goods and provide better options to customers of Zhejiang and China.

According to the data from Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, during the first Import Export last year, the turnovers of two exhibition areas, namely foods and agricultural products, garments and daily consumer goods, accounted for 27% of the total volume of transaction, reflecting an upgrading trend of consumption in Zhejiang Province. More and more quality products have been introduced by domestic purchasers to boost supermarkets and online stores of Zhejiang and enable customers to have a new experience of quality products.

In addition to traditional products with characteristics of CEEC countries, high-tech products such as glider and helicopter will also be displayed in the China-CEEC Expo this year. Different demands of enterprises will be satisfied by introducing high-tech products from other developed regions in Europe. The international exhibition will satisfy the appetite of people, beautify the face of customers, and provide equipment and technology to support the transformation and upgrade of Zhejiang businesses.

 (Executive Editor: Liu LIU)

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