Seven ways to feel Hangzhou's autumn

2019-10-25 17:23:49 source: Hour News

Many people perceive the arrival of autumn, not from the cool weather, but from the yellow leaves.


Do you know when the tree species of autumn leaves in Hangzhou began to turn yellow? Where can you see the most beautiful autumn trees these days?

The reporter will take you there one by one.

 The army of yellow autumn leaves that can be enjoyed at the end of October is here –

Beishan Street: Wutong Bay

From the lush and green to light yellow, from the shady trees to the leaky ones, from layers of trees to the dancing ones... Beishan Street in autumn, along the lake’s curved Wutong Bay, always “secretly changes” to green and yellow.

Lonely Mountain: the tranquil ginkgo forest

Ginkgo trees in the Lonely Mountain are generally in the cloudy area in the Lonely Mountain. From the Fanghe Pavilion at back of the lonely Mountain, you can see the Jingyi School, which has about 10 Ginkgo trees.

When the leaves fall and fill the entire platform, you can photograph this uncopiable beauty.

Wuyun Mountain: the king of Millennium Ginkgo tree

There are 8 ancient trees over 1000 years old around the West Lake. The oldest one is the “Ginkgo King” that grows on the top of Wuyun Mountain. Because it has witnessed the vicissitudes of life in Hangzhou for more than 1400 years, many people who come to the top of Wuyun Mountain like to make a wish under this old tree silently.


The army of autumn leaves that can be enjoyed in the middle and late November

Hangzhou Botanical Garden: Red Fire Maple

Although it is often said that autumn is a bleak season, the botanical garden presents a contrasting beauty.

In autumn, the most beautiful is the Maple Rhododendron Garden. The maples in the garden are old, with prosperous branches and rich layers of leaves, which is a very beautiful and spectacular scene to behold.

Huagang Fish-Viewing Park: an unexpected encounter with the red maples

Keep walking, among the corridors and bridges, the water gardens and pavilions, the pools and the ancient scenic spots, the jungle, the forest and the lake, you will unexpectedly encounter the red maples, and the classic garden in a beautiful autumn.

Prince Bay Park: Red maples showing off their beauty

In addition to the bright tulips in spring, the red maples in late autumn adds a romance to the Prince Bay.

Three or five red maples growing by the waterside, with their passionately red coats, and their reflection swaying in the water, depict a unique and colorful picture with the green water and the surrounding trees.


Lingyin Road: Red Leaf Avenue

There are many places in Hangzhou to appreciate the red leaves, but the most impressive one is the “Red Leaf Avenue” of the West Lake Scenic Area – Lingyin Road.

Think about it, strolling on this tranquil road of Zen, deep red “clouds” composed of more than 500 autumn trees are waving their leaves over your head. Isn’t it very romantic and comforting?

Executive Editor: Ziyi Wu

Translation: Ziyi Wu, Wenjin Chen

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