Fanshan Ruins at Liangzhu Archaeological Site: A king’s mausoleum?

2019-06-25 11:50:09 source: 良渚文化遗址; Transaltion: In Zhejiang


Fanshan ruins at the Liangzhu archaeological site are a high-level tomb built on an independent terrace.

It is located in the northwest of the inner city and adjacent to Mojiaoshan. To date, eleven tombs have been found, all of which are vertical earthen pit tombs, distributed in two rows in south and north. 

图95 反山M12:98玉琮上的神徽图案线图.jpg

No. 12 tomb, the highest-level, lies right in the middle of the southern row. The complete emblems displaying a mythical creature with the head of a beast, have been unearthed from this tomb.

归宿 潘劲草 摄于良渚古城反山王陵.jpg

1,200-odd pieces (sets) of invaluable cultural relics such as jade, stone, ceramic, ivory, jade-inlaid lacquer wares have been unearthed from Fanshan ruins, of which jade wares account for more than 90%. There is a rich variety of jade wares with a fine workmanship and elaborately engraved with decorative patterns. 


The burial objects unearthed from Fanshan tomb are rarely seen in other archaeological sites of Liangzhu in terms of quantity, level and workmanship, making it the highest-level tomb of Liangzhu Culture discovered so far. It is speculated that Fanshan ruins could be a king’s mausoleum.

(Executive Editor: Yongliu He)

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