Do you know that Wenzhou has got a "new name" recently?

2019-06-24 16:36:59 source: Wenzhou Overseas Publicity Demonstration Base



  Do you know that Wenzhou has got a "new name" recently?

  This "new name" makes us have a fresh and new understanding of our city. 


  My name is Wenzhou.

  I officially announce that I have successfully been named as

  “The City of Livable Climate in China

  It is my new name. 

Nice to meet you!


  Even with this "golden name", I will not be arrogant and will continue working hard.

  Why would Wenzhou achieve such a great honor?

  Allow me to explain to you in detail...

  Wenzhou is a city with privileged natural advantages.

  A fabulous geographical location

  Wenzhou, located on the southeast coast of China, belongs to the subtropical marine monsoon climate zone.

  It is one of the most suitable areas for human habitation within the west coast of the Pacific Ocean.

  The mildness at28°N

  Wenzhou is located at the golden latitude in the northern hemisphere (28°N).

  The temperature is moderate throughout the year and the four seasons are distinct.

  The annual average temperature is 18.5 °C.

  The annual average maximum temperature is 22.9 °C.

  The annual average minimum temperature is 15.5 °C.

  Four moist seasons

  The average annual precipitation in Wenzhou City is 1780.6 mm.

  It is a rainfall-abundant region in China, also with the balanced seasonal distribution.

  The rain is moderate and the number of rainstorm days isn’t that many

  Gentle wind & radiant sun

  The annual average wind-speed in Wenzhou is 1.5 m/s.

  The wind-speed difference in the four seasons is small. Most of them are a breeze

  Both the number of high windy days and calm windy days are few.

  With sufficient sunshine, the annual sunshine hours reach 1621 hours.

  Even in the winter with the fewest sunshine,

  The average daily sunshine hours also have 3.6 hours


  Wenzhou is a naturally livable city.

  The bountiful & high-quality water resources

  Wenzhou has a developed water system and a crisscrossed river network.

  The per capita water resources are 1,710 cubic meters.

  Oujiang River, the second largest river of Zhejiang province passes through Lucheng District.

  The annual average precipitation ranks first in the prefecture-level cities of Zhejiang Province

  The sweetness flowing in the air

  The negative oxygen ions which are called "Air Vitamins" and "The longevity factor in the atmosphere", has many attributes such as dust-reduction, sterilization, health improvement and body-building.

  According to monitoring, the concentration of negative oxygen ions is very high in Wenzhou.

  The atmosphere negative oxygen ion content is significantly higher than that in the north and middle areas of Zhejiang.

  The fineness rate of ambient air quality in Wenzhou urban area reached 92% on average in the past 3 years.

  The urban air quality continued to be excellent in 2018  with 111 days as “excellent level” and 236 days as “good level”. 

The fineness rate reached 95%.

  The “Oxygen bars & green lungs” hidden in the wetlands

  A broad swath of wetlands in the eastern plains are the precious urban "oxygen bars & green lungs".

  The most famous one of them is the Ouhai Sanyang Wetland, which is called “Nanxianyang” by local people.

  It is adjacent to the downtown area and covers an area of 13.6 square kilometers.

  The healthy password in the greens

  Wenzhou has a high forest coverage rate with woodlands and grasslands accounting for about 58.4% of its total area.

  The suitable climate for going on vacation all throughout the year

  Wenzhou’s climate is suitable for going on vacation all year round, especially in its spring and fall.

  You can spend your holidays there at any month of the 12 all year around.

  And especially October is "the most suitable month".

  Wenzhou is a city where

  you don’t want to leave once you come...


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