Touch the future! 2019 Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week ARRIVES!

2019-06-13 13:59:26 source: 浙江新闻启航号“网信浙江”;Translation: In Zhejiang



The 2019 Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week kicked off in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province on Thursday. 

On the first day of the event,  2019 Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit themed "Science and technology to lead the upgrade of mass entrepreneurship and innovation" is to be held in the International Conference Center of Hangzhou Dream Town. Over 600 participants including the business leaders, experts and government representatives will gather to discuss fresh ideas, new technologies and experiences of global innovation and entrepreneurship. It aims to inject more science and technology elements into China's innovation and entrepreneurship and make S&T play a leading role in the mass entrepreneurship and innovation.



Innovation is the key momentum that leads the development, the strategic support of constructing the modernized economic system, and one of the core driving forces for developing "mass entrepreneurship and innovation".

The "upgrade of mass entrepreneurship and innovation" will be the focus of the forum. For example, responsible persons of Torch High Technology Industry Development Center of Ministry of Science & Technology will talk about "how to elevate innovation and entrepreneurship through science and technology." The industry leaders will share the "role of science and technology innovation boards of the digital economy and securities transaction in the S&T mass entrepreneurship and innovation." Professor Qiren Zhou, from National School of Development of Peking University, will share his thought on innovation from the academic perspective.



Two round table meetings will also take place with investment organizations, industry leaders, and persons in charge of domestic and international pioneering service platforms attending. The topics will be "AI innovation and entrepreneurship" and "high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship service."

As for artificial intelligence, the forum will invite the industry experts, such as Nan Lixin, founder and CEO of CYzone, Fang Ming, Assistant President of IFLYTEK and Director of AI+ Industry Acceleration Center, and Ma Zhaoyuan, Chief Researcher of the Future Lab of Tsinghua University, to make in-depth discussion.

In addition, the forum also invites the celebrities of the innovation and entrepreneurship field to discuss how to create high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship service. The list includes Qin Jun, President of Junzi Capital, Mao Daqing, President of URWORK, Li Zhongyu, General Manager of Innovation Incubation Business Division of AliCloud, and Xu Jieping, Executive Director and CEO of PLUGANDPLAY.


The upgrade of mass entrepreneurship and innovation and the elevation of incubation carriers are closely related. The incubation carrier that gathers various innovation elements and resources is one of the source powers of innovation and entrepreneurship. Besides discussions, this summit will also display a batch of high-quality development achievements by focusing on the development and upgrade of the incubation carriers.

On the special carrier micro-expo, participants can get to know a batch of incubation carriers with leading ideas, cutting-edge modes, professional services and obvious energizing effects, as well as the S&T innovation products incubated by the carriers through multiple modes of the exhibitions.

As an important part of the summit, Torch High Technology Industry Development Center of the Ministry of Science & Technology will officially release the 2019 Development Report of Chinese Pioneering Incubation, which has been released consecutively for three years and formally included into "series report of national innovation investigation system", serving as a key guide for the industry development.

(Executive Editor: Yongliu He)

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