Museums in Zhejiang: Liangzhu Museum

2019-05-31 10:07:24 source: In Zhejiang; By Liu LIU


As a province of profound culture and long history, Zhejiang is ample in museums with distinct characteristics where local cultures are presented vividly. Thus, we are going to share with you those unique museums in Zhejiang which are sure to take your breath away!

Today, let's take a tour to Liangzhu Museum!

Located at Meilizhou Park, Liangzhu Street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Liangzhu Museum is an archaeological site museum that collects, studies, displays and publicizes Liangzhu Culture with a history of more than 4000 years.



The museum was first opened in October 2008 and reopened in June 2018 after upgrading. Covering an area of 40,000-odd square meters and a construction area of 10,000 square meters, it was designed by David Chipperfield, a renowned architectural designer from the UK.



With a simple shape, the building reflects the harmonious integration of art and nature, history and modernity, thus entitled as the “Best Public Building” by Business Week and Architectural Record, two famous magazines.


The museum is divided into three exhibition halls, namely “Abounding in rivers and lakes”, “A holy place of civilization” and “Jade Region”. It displays comprehensively the archaeological achievements and heritage values of Liangzhu Site and Liangzhu Culture, highlighting the importance and uniqueness of Liangzhu Culture in the development of Chinese civilization featuring pluralistic integration.       



More than 600 treasures including jade, stone, pottery, lacquerware and wooden items are presented in the museum. Large oil paintings, scene reproduction, digital multimedia and 3D printing are utilized for the combination of traditional and digital ways of presentation, thus providing a better experience for visitors.

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