Lishui: savvy tourists had an authentic cultural experience through a specially customized self-driving tour

2019-08-26 11:51:35 source: Zhejiang News (Jing Zhou)

Recently, a specially customized self-driving tour was launched at Liandu District of Lishui. Foreign friends and savvy tourists from all over the world joined this trip to experience the poetic and picturesque landscapes of Lishui, getting themselves immersed in its folk customs and cultural history with a strong atmosphere and a profound accumulation.

Along the way, they traveled to tourist attractions such as the museum of Lishui, Yingxing Tower, the museum of intangible cultural heritages of Lishui, and developed an initial impression in the tourist attractions, history and culture of Lishui.


Then they had an in-depth experience of the local unique artistic activities. They experienced the traditional Chinese craftsmanship items such as celadon, carpentry, blue printing and leather craft; watched wonderful Lishui’s local opera and puppet show; they participated in the activity of “painting Liandu”, expressing their impressions in Liandu with their painting brushes...

Liandu District of Lishui has been named after the fact that it looks like a lotus flower surrounded by mountains, with a forest coverage rate of 80.79%, taking the lead in terms of ecological environment and air quality. It is a domestically renowned leisure town, photographic town, oil painting town, fruit town and longevity town. The Lishui Babisong International Symposium series activities held recently, supported by indigenous cultural confidence, searched for diversified new integrating modes of culture and tourism.

Executive Editor: Ke Ye

Translation: Ke Ye, Wenjin Chen

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