The technique of mending vats and earthen jars

2019-08-21 09:56:48 source: Yueniu News


The technique of mending vats and earthen jars has been listed among the fourth batch of “intangible cultural heritages” of Keqiao District (former Shaoxing County).


At Renrangyan of Keyan, almost all the villagers are winemakers and master menders of vats and earthen jars. There is a vat and jar repair shop at Renrangyan. They mend vats and earthen jars in different wineries and kilns across China.


Vats are big and earthen jars are smaller, both of which are earth-ware. The first step to mend vats and jars is to check whether there are crevices or blisters on the vats or jars. The second step is to chisel a pit or a gap. By gently knocking a special small iron hammer on the steel chisel, the chisel’s end will go gently into the vat or jar’s wall. The third step is to fill the gap with a mixture of iron sands and brine after the chiseled eye or line gets dry. Knock the mixture gently to make it cling tightly to the gap inside of the chiseled eye or line.

Executive Editor: Ke Ye

Translation: Ke Ye, Wenjin Chen

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