The first sausage museum of China opens in Jiaxing Economic Development Zone

2020-06-05 22:12:33 source: Xiao Wei

Recently, the Sausage Museum of China officially opens in Jiaxing Economic Development Zone, which is also regarded as the first sausage museum for public welfare and science popularization in China.



The Sausage Museum of China is located in Jiabei Street, Jiaxing Economic Development Zone. With an entire exhibition area of more than 1,500 square meters, the museum is divided into three major display zones: Chinese sausages zone, global sausages zone, and science popularization zone about meat knowledge. There are more than 200 types of sausages on display.


The Chinese sausages zone mainly displays one or two kinds of most representative and characteristic sausages in the regions of each province and city in China, while the global sausages zone displays sausage products and cultures from all continents.



The museum also opens a live streaming zone of sausage making, so that visitors can experience the production process of sausage more intuitively.


At present, the whole museum has just been in trial operation. Affected by the epidemic, the museum is only open to the public for free at weekends. Citizens who want to visit the museum need to make an appointment in advance and their identity information will be checked to ensure safe and orderly entry.



It is reported that the Sausage Museum of China is constructed by Jiaxing Expro Industrial Co., LTD in Jiaxing Economic Development Zone with a total investment of more than 2 million yuan. The company is a manufacturer of high-quality meat processing machinery. Since 1994, it has been exporting products to Germany, setting a precedent for the export of Chinese meat processing machinery to developed countries.

(Compiled by Xu Yuhong)

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