Huawei opens 5G Innovation, Experience Center in London

2019-12-17 16:17:27 source: People's Daily App

(Photo: Huawei)

Huawei unveils the 5G Innovation & Experience Center in London on Dec. 16. 

Chinese telecom giant Huawei opened its 5G Innovation and Experience Center in London on Dec. 16, with the hope of promoting greater collaboration between businesses and innovators in regards to 5G development.

Huawei said the center will be used as a base for 5G knowledge and skill-sharing, which will enhance 5G cooperation across the UK by showcasing many real-life use cases of 5G.

Visitors are able to experience game streaming services, use augmented reality to perform with their favorite bands and learn about the many possibilities made possible by 5G technology, such as smart manufacturing and advances in healthcare.

"With the opening of our 5G Innovation and Experience Center in London, we, as a leader of 5G, are taking another important step," said Jerry Wang, CEO of Huawei UK.

He said, "What we have opened today will enable true collaboration amongst UK businesses and technologists and showcase the huge potential of 5G applications for both the private and business sectors."

Huawei reported, in its Q3 2019 results, that it had signed more than 60 commercial contracts to deliver 5G with leading global carriers, including all major operators in the UK.

Together with customers and partners, the company said it will speed up digital transformation across various industry sectors such as public utilities, finance, transportation, and electricity. They predict that this transformation could result in trillions of US dollars' worth of economic growth.

To mark the occasion, Huawei hosted a live-stream panel discussion on the future of 5G. The 5G Innovation and Experience Center sits within Cocoon Global, one of Europe's largest co-working spaces, which aims to bring together the most promising startups and facilitate the exchange of technology across cultures.

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