General export business of cross-border e-commerce of Ningbo Airport launched

2019-07-23 12:50:07 source: 宁波市人民政府网站


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The first batch of general exports of cross-bordere-commerce from Ningbo, Yiwu, Taizhou, Hangzhou and other places were assembled at the Lishe International Airport on the morning of July 17, as the first batch of general export commodity to be cleared and released at the airport. This batch of goods, a total of 7144 orders, mainly including such daily necessities as clothes and jewelries, will complete the whole customs clearance process on the morning of July 18 and then will be delivered via the flight MU5083 to Bangkok, Thailand. This marks the official launching of the general export business of cross-border e-commerce at Ningbo Airport.

The general export business of cross-bordere-commerce refers to the process that the overseas individual consumers buy goods through the of the overseas individual consumers through the cross-border e-commerce platforms that have registered at the customs, and then the e-commerce enterprises or their agents and the logistics enterprises transmit to the customs the transaction, payment collection, and logistics information. After the declaration in the form of lists and the completion of the clearance, the goods will be delivered directly to the overseas consumers through international logistics. At present, Lishe International Airportis the only port in Ningbo to carry out the general export business of cross-border e-commerce.

“In the past the e-commerce goods were mainly exported through the general trade, but the customs clearance procedures of the general trade are relatively complicated and cannot compare with thee-commerce in terms of customs clearance efficiency.” said a person in charge from the customs of the Lishe International Airport. Rather than the order declaration of the express and mail tax refund, the cross-border e-commerceenterprises can have the low-cost and more convenient monthly tax refund.

Reportedly, an e-commerce enterprise named “Ningbo Yizhantong E-commerce Co. Ltd.” has started this kind of general export business. In addition, four other enterprises, including Ningbo Shunfeng Express Delivery Co. Ltd. and Ningbo Longsheng Clothes Co.Ltd., are also planning to open the e-commerce flights from Ningbo to Taiwan.

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