Xishi high-speed rail serves nearly 1,000,000 passengers in two years

2019-04-26 16:45:10 source: Zhejiang News; Translation: In Zhejiang


The "Xishi" high-speed train deployed for the Hangzhou-Zhuji route, benefiting commuters in Hangzhou, Zhejiang’s capital city, and Zhuji, a county-level city in north-central Zhejiang.



The train started its operation on September 10, 2016 and has traveled between Zhuji and Hangzhou for over 2 years, transporting nearly 1,000,000 passengers.




The train has made commuting more convenient for the employees and entrepreneurs on the route. “Working in Hangzhou and living in Zhuji” and “working in Zhuji and living in Hangzhou” is drawing the two cities closer.

(Executive Editor: Yongliu HE)

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