How to have a fulfilled day in Hangzhou with only 100 CNY

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If with just 100 CNY in your purse, it is possible to have a fulfilled day in Hangzhou? The answer is yes. Follow our guide to find how.


Three Tianzhu Temples  


Fee: Tickets for the upper and lower Tianzhu are 10 CNY each, and the Middle Tianzhu is free. The vegetarian meal is 5 CNY per customer and the supply time is from 11:00 to 12:30.  

Transportation: You can take No. 103, No. 121, No. 324, No. 1314, Tourism Custom Line No. 8, and Yinxihu Bus Digital Tourism Line No. 1 to the bus stop of Three Tianzhu Temples (simplified Chinese: 三天竺; pinyin: san tian zhu).  

Everyone should have a secret garden where they can reminisce about the past and dream about the future. The three Tianzhu Temples in Hangzhou are just that kind of place. The three Tianzhu Temples are three-thousand-year-old temples built in the depths of Lingyin Temple against mountains. Here, the tea gardens are connected and the streams are gurgling. Come here, even if you don't worship Buddha, a walk on the path between the three Tianzhu Temples will naturally calm your heart down.




Upper Tianzhu Temple  


The Upper Tianzhu Temple is also known as Faxi Temple (法喜寺). Among the three temples in Tianzhu, the Faxi Temple has the largest area and it has many halls in the temple. On the rainy days, you can come here to see the humid Jiangnan scene and help yourself to a vegetarian meal while it’s drizzling outside, to experience the rare leisure time.


Lower Tianzhu Temple  


From Lingyin's "a short distance away and yet poles apart (咫尺天涯)" screen wall walk along Tianzhu creek for 500 meters and you will find the Lower Tianzhu Temple — Fajing Temple (法镜寺).  

Located under the Lianhua Peak (莲花峰) of Tianzhu Mountain, it is the only temple for Buddhist nuns in Hangzhou and the oldest temple among the three temples of Tianzhu.


Middle Tianzhu Temple  

Continue walking along the tree-lined flagstone road for about 20 minutes, you can see a large tea garden - Middle Tianzhu Temple. The courtyard inside the temple is deep and smoke from incense burning is curling up from the temple.  

It is the smallest of the three Tianzhu Temples, so it is also more tranquil. The Middle Tianzhu is completely free of charge and will give each pilgrim three sticks of incenses.


Beishan Street  


Fee: Free.  

Transportation: Take Bus No. 103 at the bus stop of the Upper Tianzhu Temple (simplified Chinese: 上天竺; pinyin: shang tian zhu) to the bus stop of Hangzhou Zoo (simplified Chinese: 动物园; pinyin: dong wu yuan) and transfer to Bus No. 7 to the bus stop of Geling Peak (simplified Chinese: 葛岭; pinyin: ge ling).  

In the afternoon, you can head to the most fashionable street in Hangzhou - Beishan Street. It, though only three kilometers long, is home to three of the Top Ten Views of West Lake, Lingering Snow on Broken Bridges, Spring Dawn at Su Causeway, and Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden. It, through only 15 meters wide, covers almost all of Hangzhou's ethereal landscape and profound history.




Hangzhou Art Museum of Traditional Chinese Painting  

Hangzhou Art Museum of Traditional Chinese Painting is located in Beishan Street and is formerly known as Baoqing Villa (抱青别墅). It features red bricks and blue tiles, and is one of the photographing holy places in Hangzhou. The once-closed Baoqing Villa is now open its door to welcome visitors from all directions.


West Lake Exposition Museum  

On Beishan Street, there is a yellow building with European style, backed by a mountain and facing West Lake, which echoes the Bai Causeway at a distance, and stands out in the shade of green trees. This is the former site of the "Old West Lake Expo" and the current West Lake Expo Museum.


Hubin Walking Street  


Fee: 50 CNY for dinner.  

Transportation: Take the No. 7 bus from Xinxin Hotel (新新饭店) and get off at the bus stop of Yan'an Jiebai (延安解百) and get to Hubin Pedestrian Street.  

On the Lakeside Pedestrian Street, one side is the unparalleled lake in the world — the West Lake, and the other side is the bustling and prosperous city. Here, the West Lake landscape is intertwined with the prosperous city, just like standing at the intersection of history and reality.  

In the evening, first go to the Xinbailu Restaurant to taste some Hangzhou signature dishes, like West Lake Carp in Sour Sauce, Dongpo Pork, Shelled Shrimp with Longjing Green Leaves … All of them are tasty and affordable, and with a budget of 50 CNY per person, you can eat to your heart’s content.




After supper, you can stroll around Lakeside Pedestrian Street. Along the street, you will find the Jiefang Road Department Store, Shengli Theatre, Hangzhou Restaurant... which carries the memories of the old Hangzhou people. The reconstructed Hubin Pedestrian Street is an ideal place for sightseeing and shopping.

(Executive Editor: Yang Wenxi)

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