Experience the world in Hangzhou night markets

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If Hangzhou during the daytime is an elegant Jiangnan water town, down profile and fascinating, then Hangzhou at night is a world full of vitality that belongs only to nights.


Night Markets


Night markets are always associated with noise, bargain, and snacks. A lot of film scenes and plots depicting the lively night markets make people hold a special feeling towards night markets.



Wushan Night Market

The Most Old-Fashioned Night Market


It’s a little bit weird about the name of the night market, Wushan Night Market because it’s neither inside Wushan Square nor on Wushan Road, instead, it’s located near Renhe Road (仁和路) and Huixing Road (惠兴路). After many times of closures and re-opens, Wushan Night Market has become the most representative night market in Hangzhou.


Wushan Night Market, as the most old-fashioned night market in Hangzhou, is large in scale and diversified in merchandises. It has already become a place for citizens to go for a walk. A walk around the place takes over one hour.


Wulin Night Market

Creative International Market


Wulin Night Market’s convenient transportation and advantageous location near the West Lake, make it the first choice for many tourists (both Chinese and foreigners) in Hangzhou to shop and eat, hence, the international style.


Oil paintings, fans with inscriptions, handmade antique jewelry… all things that are popular now or have once been popular, you can get a glimpse of them in Wulin Night Market.


The atmosphere of openness and inclusiveness in Wulin Night Market has attracted many creative shops to settle here. The inheritance of craftsmanship, the burst of new ideas … gather here at night on Longyou Road. The night market is full of vitality.


Hefang Street Night Market

Historical and Antique


Hefang Street is no stranger to Hangzhou people. The street may not be long, but you will find everything you need on this street. With a few daily life-related necessities and a large number of culture inheritance-related stuff, the street is of a strong cultural atmosphere.


Compared with other famous streets in Hangzhou, Hefang Street is tailor-made for tourists, because, on the street, the historical Hangzhou can be found, including Hu Qing Yu Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmacy, Bronze Sculpture Museum, and Hangzhou Paradise Umbrella …


The noted Wu Hang (Top Five Hangzhou Specialties), Kong Feng Chun Powder, Zhang Xiao Quan Scissors, Wang Xing Ji Fans, Du Jing Sheng Brocade, and Fu Da Chang Cigar, originated here. The street is packed with old Hangzhou shops selling antiques, paintings, and calligraphies. The old street once at the foot of the imperial palace of the Southern Song Dynasty continues to shine in modern society.


Hefang Street is abundant in old-fashioned snacks and also new and creative internet-famous ones.


Delicious Foods


For no obvious reason, nights go well with delicious foods. Just imagine walking on a street full of food fragrance, savoring delicious foods from one stall to another, and your heart overflow with happiness...



Shengli River Food Street

The Holy Place of Midnight Snacks


As the “Holy Land of Midnight Snack” of Hangzhou, Shengli River Food Street is crowded with foodies every night. From classic Hangzhou dishes to seafood from Xiangshan area, from Chongqing grilled fish to Sichuan hot pot, from characteristic barbeque to farm-flavored dishes … you can have them all in this one street.


The over-700-meter-long food street is ornamented with over ten landscape accessories with flowers bloom in all four seasons. Besides, the 1,140 brand new red lanterns hung high along the street makes Shengli River Food Street as dazzling and brilliant as in the daytime, adding more charm to the night scene.


Zhongshan South Road Food Street

Chinese Gourmet Night Market


The food here is abundant in variety, including not just Hanghzou’s characteristic snacks, but also regional food from all over the world. On the street, you will find both fancy restaurants and affordable roadside food stalls, catering to everyone’s taste.


Dadou Road

Popular Food Street


Dadou Road Historical Block was newly renovated in 2016 with the Grand Canal on its west and shops on its east. The street is broad and neat.


Dadou Road advocates bourgeoisie tastes, gathering a large number of popular restaurants. Most of these restaurants are large in area, offering a comfortable dining environment. Dining here, there is no need for you to worry about being disturbed by crowded diners.

(Executive Editor: Yang Wenxi)

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