Snapshot tip: Winter in West Lake

2019-11-22 11:53:02 source: Qianjiang Evening News

The West Lake of the autumn and winter is perhaps the most beautiful landscape in a year. Sycamore trees at Beishan Street, the red maple trees at Lingyin Road, and Longjing Road, Maojiabu, Meilingnan Road, Taiziwan Park...Wherever you go, every picture you take is wonderful and beautiful.

Lingyin, red maple trees all the way westward


“There are miles of red maple trees at Lingyin which are a spectacular scene, yet the more wonderful should be its artistic conception. The scene of red maple trees stretches all the way westwards, as if there were an ‘ideal’ lying ahead”, written by Pan Gaosheng, a photography lover, in his WeChat moments.

“The Japanese maples at Lingyin Road gained a momentum last week. When the weather turned cold these days, they are entering their best state as there are red, yellow and green. In previous years, the best time for enjoying the view of red maples on Lingyin Road from the late November to the early December. This year it depends on the weather. On the whole Lingyin Road, those nearest to the scenic area of Lingyin are most anxious as they have begun to turn red.”

Beishan Road--sunshine, dew and fallen leaves


Li Er, a photography lover, visits the Broken Bridge every day. He says, to see fallen leaves, he recommends Beishan Street where the sycamore trees turn fancy yellow in the autumn. On fine days in the sunshine, the leaves of sycamore trees appear shining. The leaves of sycamore trees here show a layered beauty of gradient colors from yellow to dark yellow to brown and then to dark brown.

Maojiabu, Longjing--a colorful feeling

Jiang Zhiqing, a photography lover, says that the sweetgum trees have turned red at Longjing Road, and the Japanese maple trees have also gone red at the Longjing access road. The sweetgum trees and metasequoia trees on Meilingnan Road lie the roads alternately, displaying a strong atmosphere of winter. Near Jinghu Pavilion at Beishan Street, it’s also a good destination for enjoying red maples at the West Lake. And there are also many red maple trees near the fish pond of the scenic spot Fish Viewing at the Flower Pond and Taiziwan.

Executive Editor: Wu Ziyi

Translation: Wu Ziyi, Chen Wenjing

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