The booming economy and the ‘crazy smart people’, all in Wenzhou

2019-03-26 16:22:50 source: In Zhejiang; Editor: Yongliu HE

(Video/ Wenzhou Culture Broadcasting and Toursim Bureau)

Located near the middle of the East China Sea coastline, the city of Wenzhou (Chinese: 温州) is the third largest city in Zhejiang Province and the economic, cultural and transportation center of southern Zhejiang. Wenzhou is frequently used by Western media as a barometer of the Chinese export economy; among other things, Wenzhou manufactures around 90% of the world's spectacles and massive quantities of shoes.


Wenzhou was a prosperous foreign treaty port, which remains well-preserved today. It is situated in a mountainous region and, as a result, has been isolated for most of its history from the rest of the country, making the local culture and language very different from those of neighboring areas.


Apart from booming economy and developed society, the city is famed for its fascinating scenery and rich tourism resources. It possesses three famous state level scenic spots, namely Yandang Mountain, Nanxi River and Feiyun Lake. Other popular attractions include the Nanji Islands National Nature Reserve, the Xiandu Scenic Area and the Xianju Scenic Area.


The city is also widely known for its intelligent Wenzhounese people, a subgroup of Oujiang Wu Chinese speaking peoples. Wenzhounese have made a name for themselves for fluent business and money making skills. The area has a large diaspora population in land for Europe and the United States, with a reputation for being enterprising natives who start restaurants, retail and wholesale businesses in their adopted countries. Wenzhounese people have also made notable contributions to mathematics and technology.

(Executive Editor: Yongliu HE)

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