King’s College International School Hangzhou provides free online courses for young pupils amid the COVID-19 outbreak

2020-04-10 17:30:40 source: King’s College International School Hangzhou


Because of the epidemic, many young pupils are stuck abroad. The Chinese Embassy in the UK has arranged charter flights to enable pupils to fly back.

To support them, King’s College International School Hangzhou now is opening its educational resources and provides free online courses.



Since February 10th, the school has been actively implementing online learning, and its teachers have accumulated a wealth of experience. This educational resource is offered to pupils from Grade 1 to Grade 8. Pupils who have returned from the UK are welcomed to continue their studies. 


During their online presentation sessions, pupils and their parents will also have the opportunity to explore their school and curriculums. 



To apply free online class, please contact: 0571-56395678-9.

(Executive Editor: Ye Ke)

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