Dynamic international education of Zhejiang Province

2019-03-27 09:50:36 source: Department of Education of Zhejiang Province

With its continuous economic and social development, Zhejiang’s international education exchange and cooperation programs have been expanded increasingly, and the level of education internationalization has been improved constantly.


The “One Thousand Sister School Program” specially designed for primary and secondary schools have been developing in full swing. The University of Nottingham Ningbo, China established in 2005 is the first Sino-foreign university in China. In 2014, Wenzhou Kean University, a Chinese-American collaborative higher education institution was formally approved by the Ministry of Education.


Now, over a hundred Sino-foreign collaborative education programs and institutions are operating smoothly throughout the province. Through cooperation, 15 universities of Zhejiang have set up 24 Confucius Institutes in 21 foreign countries. In 2009, the provincial government established a scholarship for international students studying in Zhejiang. In 2011, the Zhejiang Provincial Development Plan for Internationalization of Higher Education (2010-2020) and the Action Plan for International Students Studying in Zhejiang were formally published, which provides an annual scholarship of 20 million RMB to attract international students coming to study in Zhejiang Province.


In 2017, 35,000 students from 175 countries had enrolled in Zhejiang's colleges and research universities. More than half of our international students are degree-candidates. And over 6,000 international students are studying at primary and secondary schools throughout Zhejiang. International students account for 3.2% of the total number of full-time students in the province, making their population among the largest in all of China.

(Executive Editor: Yongliu HE)

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