Alibaba launched the 2020 Spring Thunder Initiative to help SMEs to survive the economic winter 阿里巴巴重启“春雷计划”助中小企业突围

2020-04-08 10:17:47 source: Zhejiang News (Zhu Mei), alizila


Alibaba announced on April 7 that the special action of the "2020 Spring Thunder Initiative" to help small and medium-sized enterprises was launched again 11 years later. With Alibaba's digital capabilities, it will help small and medium-sized enterprises not only survive the immediate crisis but also find opportunities for the future.


Nowadays, the global diffusion of COVID-19 pandemic brings more uncertainty to the economy. It is urgent to expand domestic demand, stabilize foreign trade and help agriculture. The more crisis times, the closer Alibaba and SMEs are connected.

The latest Alibaba 2020 Spring Thunder Initiative released 16 supporting measures in five aspects, including foreign trade upgrading, online breakthrough, foreign trade assistance, domestic sales development, digital industrial belt building, intelligent network to help agriculture and financial support.

In order to help foreign trade enterprises transform and upgrade, and breakthrough online barriers, Alibaba has realized overseas online "cloud expansion customers" by relying on platforms such as Aliexpress, Lazada, and Taobao International; Alibaba has helped offline foreign trade enterprises build online exhibition halls, and it has cooperated with other regions to create digital business market and digital industrial belt with local characteristics.

In order to help foreign trade enterprises to rapidly develop the domestic market, China's domestic trade platform opens a digital "foreign trade zone"; helps foreign trade enterprises without online business experience to directly become suppliers selected by Alibaba; for foreign trade manufacturing enterprises that have settled in Tmall, the annual fee of stores will be reduced and extended for three months; for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises, Taobao will be opened green channels and provide corresponding support.


In order to build a digital industrial belt, Alibaba will build a number of digital "super origin business cards"; build 10 digital industrial belt clusters with an output value of more than 10 billion in China, and help 1000 factories with an output value of more than 100 billion online direct sales within three years; build 100 Taobao live broadcast industrial bases in each province where the national industrial belt gathers.

In order to realize the intelligent network to help agriculture and prosper agriculture, 1000 Alibaba digital agricultural bases will be built nationwide; in-depth source direct mining will be carried out, the brand of agricultural products of origin will be promoted, and the live broadcast of origin traceability will be organized; and the urban cooperation plan for agricultural products will be launched.

To help more SMEs get rid of their financial difficulties, the free "zero account" service will be extended to June 30th, and the Internet business bank will pay for the eligible platform merchants. Together with the All-china federation of industry and commerce and 100 Banks, E-bank provides contactless loans to 10 million small and micro-businesses. and Alipay will provide one-stop, online and convenient purchase channels for merchants, and supports the purchase mode of credit account.












 (Executive Editor: Ye Ke)

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