The publicity video of Huawei filmed in Huzhou to attract world attention

2019-07-15 17:09:25 source: 湖州发布; Translation: In Zhejiang


The publicity video of Huawei’s latest P30 series smartphone was unveiled in its official Sina Weibo on July 10, 2019.


Taking a closer look at this blockbuster-like video, you might be surprised by the scenery of Jun’anli Holiday Resort at Moganshan Mountain, Deqing County, Huzhou. The stunning sights have won numerous fans. Why did Huawei choose the resort as a filming destination?  Follow us, and you will see.




As night falls, the Jun’anli Holiday Resort, illuminated by the lights, shines like a pearl at the foot of the mountain.

It has taken great pains for the team to determine the filming site. The team has left their footprints across China and finally decided to choose Nanjing, Wuxi, Shanghai. And Huzhou's Jun’anli has been selected ultimately.





Some titbits disclosed when the filming team was shooting the film at the site on June 9.




The photos were from the WeChat Moments of check-in guests.

The main building of the hotel in the second phase of Jun’anli at Moganshan Mountain was put into operation in last October, which has been used as a supporting facility for the United Nations World Geospatial Information Congress (UNWGIC).

The main building was designed by Martin Jochman, a renowned British architect, who has ever participated in the designing of the world’s first seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab.



Of course, the beauty of Moganshan Mountain is more than that. Come to Huzhou and see for yourself!

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