VIDEO: Mojiaoshan palatial area, the center of Liangzhu ancient city

2019-07-11 09:32:12 source: source: Z Video; Re-edited:Zhiyi Dai

Liangzhu ancient city is centered on the ruins of Mojiaoshan palatial area. The highland is built by the ancestors of Liangzhu who piled earth and built mounds on the swampy wetlands. 

Through archaeological excavations, it is found that the “Tutai” is more than 10 meters high and covers an area of 300,000 square meters. Big Mojiaoshan, the Small Mojiaoshan and Wuguishan are three affiliated palatial mounds of Mojiaoshan palatial area.

On these three small mounds, archaeologists found the foundations of large houses. The construction of the Mojiaoshan palatial area was implemented nearly 5000 years ago, which was one of the largest civil engineering projects in the world during that period.

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