VIDEO: What did Chinese people eat 5,000 years ago?

2019-07-09 11:25:45 source: Z Video; Re-edited:Xinyu Xie

In 2010, archaeologists discovered a shallow pit of charred rice on the eastern slope of the Mojiaoshan Palace District at the Liangzhu archaeological site. Its area was about 400 square meters. Through excavation and calculation, they found that the landfilled charred rice spikelets reached 26,000 kg. Interestingly, there were no paddy fields near the ancient city of Liangzhu. This archaeological discovery reflects a critical stage of social development - urban and rural areas. The study found that these charred rice spikelets have apparent traces of artificial domestication, which proves that it is a very mature domesticated rice. 

Besides, the source of the meat of the Liangzhu ancestors is also wealthy. Archaeologists also found the bones of pigs, deer, buffalo and other animals inside the site. A lot of fruit cores were also found in the ancient rivers of Zhongjiagang in Liangzhu Ancient City. Therefore, we can conclude that our Liangzhu ancestors' recipes were pretty diversified more than 5,000 years ago, and their diet structure was similar to those of whom live in the south of Yangtze River now.

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