Bianjiashan Ruins: Home of ordinary Liangzhu families

2019-06-27 13:05:26 source: 良渚文化遗址;Translation: In Zhejiang


Located in the south of the outer ancient city, Bianjiashan Ruins are a complex settlement site consisting of dwelling sites, water dock and ditch pier.

To date,  sixty-six tombs have been discovered, which are overlaid and disconnected, showing no distinct pattern of distribution.

图106-8 良渚古城遗址出土石器(卞家山有段石锛0070).JPG

462 burial objects have been unearthed, made of materials such as ceramics, stone, jade, bone and horn, lacquered wood and bamboo. Stone axes were unearthed from male’s tombs while spinning wheels from the female’s, presenting a notable gender difference.

图104 鸟首纹卞家山G1②:100.jpg

The occupants of Bianjiashan tombs built and used during the mid and late stage of Liangzhu Culture were ordinary people with low social status.

(Executive Editor: Liu LIU)

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