VIDEO: My China Story – Italian chef specializing in Chinese regional cuisines

2019-06-25 14:52:54 source: China Plus

"As an Italian, it's very hard to enter the Chinese world. After they understood my passion and my true desire to become an expert, I was eventually accepted and welcomed as their own brother," said Gianni Catani, an Italian chef specializing in Chinese regional cuisines.

Gianni spent eight years with a Chinese master chef to learn the secrets of Chinese cuisines. Now, Gianni's restaurants are the top-rated places to eat Chinese food in Rome, Italy.

His cooking classes and his popular blogs have also promoted the culture of Chinese food.

"A Chinese restaurant run by an Italian chef could be a good challenge, and convincing Chinese people in China to eat Chinese food cooked by an Italian would be like winning the lottery," said Gianni, "but that could be a great idea, and I don't feel like excluding this option in the future."

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