From ¥400 million to ¥1.8 billion, little Jinyun pancakes generate great power

2019-06-24 14:26:56 source: ZJOL; Translation: In Zhejiang



In recent years, Jinyun pancake embodying a nostalgic charm has been transformed from an unknown local snack to a nostalgic industry all Jinyuners take pride in. Jinyun pancake chain stores even appear in countries like Canada. How has a little pancake unleash such great power?



Zhao Yijun, 51, is a chief tutor of the tens of thousands of pancake chefs in Jinyun County, Lishui City. These years, he has taught countless chefs, who spread the Jinyun flavor to different corners around the world.


Jinyun has established a leading group for the brand construction of Jinyun Pancake. With an aim of turning small pancakes into a big business, local government has included the development of the pancake industry among the key work of local Party Committee and government, set up an office especially for pancakes, trained pancake chefs and organized festivals. In two years, Jinyun pancake has sprung up.




The annual sales of Jinyun pancake industry have grown from 400 million yuan four years ago to today’s 1.8 billion yuan. To date, Jinyun has cultivated and trained more than 10,000 pancake chefs and opened more than 440 demonstrative stores nationwide.



At Xuanyuan Street in Xiandu Scenic Zone of Jinyun County, a pancake store grabbed the attention of the reporter. According to its owner Zhang Jinying, her pancakes were creative and offered different flavors. In the busy tourism season, she could earn as much as 10,000 yuan per day.



As a tourist attraction, Jinyun Pancake Museum was established on the Xuanyuan Cultural Street to fully exhibit the history, legends and ballads of Jinyun pancake. The headquarters of Jinyun Pancake is also settled here, which mainly offers traditional pancakes and local specialties and rolls out creative pancakes such as the ones with durian and avocado fillings.


Local government has also refined the cultural connotation of pancake and invited designers to design a logo of Jinyun Pancake that symbolizes the Yellow Thearch riding a dragon and rising into heaven, which helps to form a brand image of Jinyun pancakes. Local government has also focused on the development of cultural creative products of Jinyun pancakes.


Cultural creativity has pushed the small pancakes into the world stage. Today you can taste Jinyun pancakes in countries such as Australia, Italy, Canada, etc.

(Executive Editor: Yongliu He)

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