ZJ Picks: Two fantastic destinations for beach-seekers

2019-06-20 11:39:28 source: 起航号“诗画浙江文旅资讯”; Translation: In Zhejiang


Whether you want to find a hideaway or somewhere to enjoy holidays in Wenzhou City, you must try the beaches on this list!


Crystal blue sea, fine sands, mouth-watering seafood, a vast area of meadows and boundless scenery, it's Nanji Island in Wenzhou City, one of the most beautiful islands in China.

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The only way to land on the island is by ship. Wind and rain can be a cause for the suspension of shipping service. For this reason, you’d better come here on a fine day.

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Another ideal place for selfie enthusiasts is Sanpan Village in Dongtou District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province.

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Its infinity swimming pool of Sanpan Village is a must-visit site.


Enjoy a magnificent view of the sea, or drink a glass of plum-flavor sparkling water with your friends to celebrate the enchanting scenery and the freedom rare for urban dwellers.


The seafood is abundant here. Go fishing in the sea, be at one with the salty and humid wind, and taste the freshest fish by the sea.


Watch a comedy movie in the entertaining room to get rid of boredom at night!


Sanpan also offers a great variety of flower-scent teas, some of which are produced by the housekeeper and others by visitors themselves. Had their mood melt into the flower petals at that time?

Reservation: 0577-636660160, 0577-63666018, 17757788909


Tips for travelers to Nanji Island

1. Depart from Aojiang Port and bound for the island.

2. You can buy the ship ticket to Nanji Island in advance and arrange your time to go to the port.

3. Ticket booking website: http://www.zjsajgw.com

4. Fare: 115 yuan/person in busy season, 105 yuan/person in slack season

PS: Please book the return trip ticket from Nanji Island to Aojiang at the fourth window. The return trip ticket is not available on the website.

5.Ticket for going to the island: 80 yuan/person in busy season and 50 yuan/person in slack season

Booking number of ship ticket at Aojiang Port: 0577—63653991, 0577—63651993


Warm reminders

1. Nanji Island demands real name registration, therefore tourists should carry their ID card and ship ticket to board the ship.

2. Typhoon occurs occasionally on the island. The ship is subject to adjustment due to force majeure factors such as typhoon, so you are suggested to follow up the shipping status in a real-time way. Seasickness medicine should be prepared if you suffer seasickness.

3. You need to buy a ticket to Nanji Island in advance, as the limitation of tourists to the island may affect your travel plan.

4. Nanji Island is the only world-class maritime reserve island in China, therefore please protect the environment of the island. Please keep away from the military area.

5. The summer is a busy tourism season, which might lead to a shortage of accommodation. You had better reserve a room in advance before hopping on the island. You can also carry a tent or rent one. Prepare heatstroke medicine and sunscreens is suggested.

(Executive Editor: Yongliu He)


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