VIDEO: My China Story – Simon Carson aims to seek more business opportunity in China

2019-06-20 09:20:07 source: China Plus

"We do see that MMA is a growing sport in China, and the rising middle class in China presents a very big business opportunity. There is more of a focus on health and wellbeing in China, so we do believe that hopefully in China, we'll definitely be able to grow to multiple gyms across China in the future," said Simon Carson, the general manager of MA1 and Absolute MMA in Melbourne, Australia.

Simon has been doing different forms of martial arts or MMA training for about 20 years and has been importing fitness goods from China for more than a decade.

He says China is one of the biggest manufacturers of fitness equipment, so it's easy for him to find a manufacturer and factories to rebuy the goods that he needs.

(Ulises Izquierdo based in Australia contributed to this video.)

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