Stories of 3 dream chasers in the photo with Chinese Premier Li

2019-06-19 11:44:55 source: Zhejiang News; Translation: In Zhejiang



The 2019 National Mass Entrepreneurship & Innovation Week, a nationwide festival for entrepreneurs, was kicked off in Hangzhou. On the morning of June 13, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang posed for a photo with a group of young entrepreneurs. The photo went viral on the internet. What is striking is that the three makers on the photo all graduated from Zhejiang University.



College entrepreneurs are the most creative entrepreneurial force today. For Zhejiang, the innovation and entrepreneurial vitality of college entrepreneurs have been enhanced, which has promoted Zhejiang to shift from grassroots entrepreneurship depending on luck to elite entrepreneurship based on knowledge.



The following are the entrepreneurial stories of the three ZJU makers.



Bai Yunfeng, a 2014 Ph.D. student majored in Management Science and Engineering in the School of Management of Zhejiang University, is studying technical innovation management with Professor Wu Xiaobo.



He founded Hangzhou Leaper Technology Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Genius Pros Smart Technology Co., Ltd. in 2012 and 2015. He has initiated an internationally innovative mechanism of 3D imaging to change the world with “eyes” of machines, realize “replacing human with machinery” and promote the progress of China’s Industry 4.0. Leaper Technology’s value is currently estimated at 1 billion yuan and Genius Pros is estimated with a worth of 1.5 billion yuan.


In September 2017, Bai took his new product, GeniusPros, a global technical leader in the new generation of solid-state area array laser radar and held a product launch at the Silicon Valley Global Computer History Museum in the United States, which attracted attention from the world.



Since his first start-up experience in 2013, Bai has insisted on pursuing the driving force of innovation, convinced that technology is the key fulcrum of entrepreneurship. He and students of the optoelectronics major of ZU rented a room of 10㎡ near campus and worked for more than ten hours every day. Finally, they managed to release the first inspection machine for flat sheet production companies and won a foreign trade order of 2 million USD.


Bai said, “Through the innovation of core technologies, we can reach an equal or higher standard for products that have been done abroad. This is the right path for unifying personal values and national development.”




Chen Wenhui is a 2016 graduate of public administration major of ZU. She has been a professional javelin athlete as well as a winner of Chu Kochen scholarship, national scholarship and Challenge Cup.


In 2011, she gave up her more than seven-year of a career as a professional javelin athlete and was admitted into the public administration major of ZU. In 2013, she led her team to develop the first entrepreneurial project “Get Fun”, which won a gold prize in the National Challenge Cup Mobile Internet Competition. The project was acquired by a company at an offering of 1.50 million yuan. Later, she co-established a second company, which achieved a turnover of tens of thousands of yuan in the first month and won the intention of Angel investment of a million yuan.


In 2015, she re-entered her most familiar sports industry and established Hangzhou Shupao Network Technology Co., Ltd. “At first, we intended to develop a platform for making appointments with professional coaches online, which is the most typical O2O in the sports training industry.” As they moved on, problems jumped up. Sports training industry is in substance a relationship among the three dimensions, i.e., “coach”, “student” and “site”. It is difficult to save the “intermediate link” in the traditional sense. After a while, they found that few parents were willing to pay for “one-to-one” physical education for teenagers.



Later, Chen established a cooperative relationship with a lot of professional sports coaches. She invited stars in the sports industry such as national swimming team coach, the Asian Football Federation lecturer on five-a-side football and world champion of badminton to establish a complete training system.


Chen said that she was not an opportunist and did not want to “earn more” by taking advantage of the environment. Instead, she really wanted to do something healthy and beneficial to teenagers.



Zou Tao is a 2013 Ph.D. of the College of Agriculture and Biotechnology of Zhejiang University. He came from a rural area and chose the agricultural sector as a continuous direction for his entrepreneurship.


During his studies in ZJU, he got acquainted with Wu Dianxing, a teacher of color rice breeding and Zhang Bin, a teacher of color rice promotion in ZJU. They formed a start-up team and the color rice project was also developing rapidly.


In pushing forward the color rice project, he focused on broadening his own international vision. He paid a research trip to Inakadate Village of Aomori County, Japan, the “originator” of the creative color rice landscapes, took part in the entrepreneurial trip to Israel organized by ZJU, which had firmed his determination to pursue success in agriculture.


The color rice team led by Zou planted high-nutrition and high-yield color rice through ecological methods, customized a creative color rice landscape for the local areas to develop tourism, promote the transformation of local industrial structure, help farmers to get rid of poverty and help revitalize the rural areas.



Since 2015, the project has been promoted to 30 counties and cities nationwide, with an accumulated area of 4,000 mu and an accumulated income increase of 60 million yuan. These include poverty-stricken counties such as Taijiang County in Guizhou, Shizhu County in Chongqing and Hanzhong City in Shaanxi. These counties have achieved an income increase of over 10 million yuan and 350 households have got rid of poverty.


“Rural revitalization cannot do without people who love, understand and engage in agriculture,” said Zou.

(Executive Editor: Yongliu He)

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