Turing winners & top academicians to join ZJU’s Turing Class

2019-06-15 17:05:12 source: Zhejiang News; Translation: In Zhejiang


This year Zhejiang University has launched a Turing class with star-level faculty, which will recruit students who have taken the 2019 College Entrance Exam.

The Turing class will be supported by a world-class professional faculty, including Turing Award winners Professor Whitfield Diffie, Academician Wu Zhaohui, Academician Chen Chun, Academician Pan Yunhe, and more than 30 national high-level talents.



“We will adopt a cultivation model of one-to-one tutoring, build and guarantee the faculty including Turing Award winners and academicians, and provide the Turing class with the best teaching team in the School of Computer Science,” said Chen Wei, Deputy Dean of the School of Computer Science of Zhejiang University.

The Turing class will adopt cultivation models such as “all-discipline basic reinforcement”, “all-around scientific research training”, “full-course tutor’s guidance”, “introduction of global resources” and “professional discipline training”.


It is expected that 60 students will be enrolled each year. Students can choose one of the three professional directions, i.e., computer science and technology, artificial intelligence and information security.

The Turing class adopts a “1+3” management model: Students’ first year of study will be managed by Chu Kochen Honors College of Zhejiang University; in the second year, they will be transferred to the School of Computer Science. In the first two years, the student will focus on learning basics. During the following years, they are to study expertise, embark on scientific research and practices or choose to go abroad.

The launching of the class is also a new exploration of Zhejiang University’s top-notch talent cultivation mechanism for computer science. The school plans to cultivate a large number of outstanding talents who will lead the innovation and entrepreneurship of the computer industry in five to ten years and a large number of researchers who are to become teachers of the world’s top research institutions. The ultimate goal is to cultivate top-notch innovative talents with a solid foundation, high attainment, commitment to research and a wide horizon.

“We encourage our students to seek further education with scientific research institutions at home and abroad, engage in basic scientific and innovative research after graduation,” Chen Wei said.

How can a student be admitted into the Turing class? The first admission mode is for students of Zhejiang Province - their admission depends on the academic proficiency test of senior high school, comprehensive quality evaluation and the unified College Entrance Exam. The other way is the direct admission into the “Turing class” of Chu Kochen Honors College through the College Entrance Exam.

(Executive Editor: Yongliu He)

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