Mouth-watering bayberry map to add some sweet and sour to your summer

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Once a year, it's the time when the bayberries are ripe again. The mountains in the south of Cixi have become a world of red and purple in June. Cixi of Ningbo has always been honored as a “hometown of bayberries in China.” The bayberries there are round and cute, with a full and tempting luster of red to black.

Now it’s about the time to pick bayberries. Where to pick, how to get in touch with the bayberry garden owners, how the surrounding facilities are, and if it is convenient to park cars... This article will answer for you.

Comparing to last year, the ripening time of Cixi bayberries this year is a bit delayed, which started from June 10. The yield of bayberries is expected to be 32,000 tons, a reduction of around 10% from last year. As a result, the price of bayberries will rise slightly. The busy harvest time is from June 15 to 25, which will end by the end of June.


Henghe Town

Cixi bayberries have been well-known nationwide, but the bayberries of Henghe Town can be considered as best in best. When you move along the winding mountainous paths, bayberry plantations will greet your eyes.


  • Zhilan Mountain Villa Bayberry Tourist Park

    Address: Daxie Village, Hengling Town

    Phone: 13625841198

  • Henghe Wenyuan Bayberry Farm

    Address: Meiyuan Village, Henghe Town

    Phone: 13884494668

Other places to go:

  • Henghe Mountain Camping Base

        Address: Dashan Village, Henghe Town

        Phone: 63857788

  • Lake Mei

        Address: Meiyuan Village, Henghe Town

Transportation: Depart from downtown Cixi, drive along the Provincial Road 33 to enter Henghe section of the line along the mountain, and follow the road signs to go ahead. The bayberry plantations are mostly equipped with a parking lot and complete facilities. (Attention: The traffic is busy on the section, so you are suggested to go on the mountain to pick bayberries on weekdays to avoid traffic jams.)


Kuangyan Town

At Kuangyan Town, you can taste new tea in the spring, taste bayberries in the summer, climb to a mountain in the autumn, and enjoy a snow view in the winter. Kuangyan is a rare natural oxygen bar and a leisure resort in the surrounding of the city. The town is also a cradle of Yue Kiln celadon.


  • Kuangyang LittleYellow Bayberry Plantations

        Address: Dongying Village, Qionglong Village

        Phone: 13957450882

  • Kuangyan Town East Lan Bayberry Park

        Address: No. 1000, Yanshan Line, Zhenglong Village, Qiong Town

        Phone: 13081917669

Other places to go:

  • Cixi Yue Kiln Celadon Institute

        Address: No. 2 Jinjiyu, Qizhen Town

Transportation: Depart from the downtown of Cixi, drive along the national road, and pass the Sima Line to enter the line along the mountain. There are many bayberry plantations along the route. Traffic control is adopted during the bayberry harvest season. Attention needs to be paid to driving and parking.


Qiaotou Town

Comparing to Henghe Town, there are far fewer tourists picking bayberries in Qiaotou Town. Without noisy crowds and city bustling, you can enjoy the sweetness of nature in June in the bayberry plantations of Qiaotou Town.


  • Tianshili Fruit and Vegetable Professional Cooperative

    Address: Wuxing Village, Qiaotou Town

    Phone: 13806643322

  • Qiaotou Jinjiasheng Leisure Farm

    Address: Shanglin Lake, Qiaotou Town

    Phone: 13306740300

Other places to go:

  • Yu Qiuyu's old residence

        Address: Xiaoqiaotou Village, Qiaotou Town

  • Shanglin Lake Yueyao National Archaeological Site Park

    Attractions: Shanglinhu Yue Kiln Museum, Shanglinhu Yue Kiln Site

    Address: Shanglin Lake, Xiqiao Mountain, Cixi City

Transportation: Start from the downtown of Cixi, drive along the national road, and pass the bridgehead to enter Wuxing Village.


Guanhaiwei Town

When you arrive at Guanhaiwei Town, the bayberries at the roadside are fresh and tempting, with a bright color that cannot be blocked by green leaves. Take your kids and elders, friends and families, carry a basket, pick and eat the bayberries.


  • Quanquan Yangmei Ecological Tourism Park

    Address: Baiyang Village, Guanhaiwei Town

    Phone: 15168100555

  • Wulei Mountain, Yunxi, Yangmei Garden

    Address: Entrance to Zangyunxi, Wulei Mountain Scenic Area, Guanhaiwei Town

    Phone: 0574-63670196

Other places to go:

  • Wulei Mountain Scenic Area

    Attractions: Lotus Garden, Wulei Temple, Zangyunxi

    Address: Guanhaiwei Town

  • Minghe Ancient Town

    Address: Minghe Ancient Town, Guanhaiwei Town

Transportation: Depart from downtown Cixi, drive along the national road 329 and reach the fifth neighborhood of Guanhaiwei, move along Luoming Road to the line along the mountain.


Longshan Town

Longshan Town boasts the riches tourism resources in Cixi: Dapeng Mountain resort area, Fangjia Hetou Ancient Village, Family Yu former residence... In the season of bayberries, tourists will travel here in an endless flow to taste the freshest Cixi bayberries and enjoy the historical charm of the ancient villages.


  • Purple Edge Bayberry Tourist Park

    Address: Panyu Village, Longshan Town

    Phone: 13645804950

  • Fangjiahetou Bayberry Tourist Park

    Address: Hetou Village, Longshan Town

    Phone: 13958280048

Other Places to go:

  • Da Peng Mountain Tourist Resort

    Phone: 0574-58996666

  • Yu's old house

    Address: Longshan Town, Cixi City

  • Fangjiahetou

    Attractions: Lanyu House, Taohualing Trail

  • Fulong Mountain Tourist Area

    Address: Fulong Mountain, Longshan Town, Cixi City

  • Pan Yi Villa

    Attractions: Panyu Ancient Road, Yaowang Temple

    Address: Panyu Village, Longshan Town, Cixi City, next to Hengjin Line

Transportation: Depart from Cixi, drive along the national road 329 to Longshan Mountain, go to Fanlinggong Road to the line along the mountain, and move on following the road signs (try to avoid the sections of Kuangyan, Qiaotou and Guanhaiwei towns of the route along the mountain).





(Executive Editor: Xinyu Xie)



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