ZJ's Pick: The hidden beauty in Shengzhou awaits your appreciation

2019-06-06 17:02:15 source: 浙江新闻起航号“诗画浙江文旅资讯”; Translation: In Zhejiang


 If you are looking for a peaceful and gorgeous travel destination, Shangwushan Village will be a great choice. Hidden in the cloud-enveloped mountains of Shengzhou, the village charms visitors with its tranquil beauty.

Shangwushan village lies in the south of Shengzhou, located in Jiuzhou Mountains, whose highest peak is 877 meters high. The village can be found right at the hillside of Jiuzhou Mountains, about 650 meters above the sea level. Brick-red roofs and gray walls record the traces of time generation after generation.


Tea trees grown on the ridges around the village form a thousand mu of tea plantation. The plantation is green in all four seasons. When you stand at a high spot, you can have a full view of it. Folk houses are just beside the tea plantation. The pleasing tea fragrance will greet you from every corner of their courtyards. The history of tea production of the village can date back to more than 700 years ago. Later, during the period of Emperor Tongzhi's regency in Qing Dynasty, the name of Shangwu was mentioned in a book called Travel Notes of Zhejiang.

This May, the Shangwushan Village camping base was officially completed and open to the public. This camping base has the highest elevation in Shengzhou. Occupying more than 2,000 ㎡, it can accommodate more than 60 camps at a time. Standing at the terrace, you can see the tea fields are unfolded in front of you. And other villages in the distance will make you feel as if you were in a painting.


After going through the village, you will see a piled rock, a spot which a lot of travelers mark out in their travel plans. It was said that more than a hundred years ago, there was no stone path leading to the rock. An old man in the village built the trail we see today. The large rock is standing on the hill, supported by some smaller stones. It looks like a house and can accommodate several persons if they bend down. Your visual field will become broadened as soon as you climb on to the top of the rock where dozens of people can sit on. If you tap the rock lightly with your hand, you can hear a “pock-pock” sound.


(Executive Editor: Xinyu Xie)

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