Deqing stove painting: folk art in the depths of memory

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The stove is a part of the residential building and the foundation of the food culture of the folk. The stove painting derived from the stove is also one of the 100 skills of artisans in Deqing.

Speaking of Deqing stove painting, the 77-year-old Deqing painter Lu Qian has deep feelings about it.


Making countless stove paintings

Stove paintings are various auspicious patterns and lace patterns drawn by folk artists with watercolors, gouache and other pigments on the firewood stoves of farmhouses, also known as “stove murals”.


There is a particular focus on stove paintings. In villages in the south of Yangtze River, “there must be a stove when there is a home. There must be a painting when there is a stove.” The stove seems simple, but the structure is extremely complicated. In front of the stove, there are feet, body, top, smokebox, stove mountain, stove cap, etc. At the back, there is the lower stove mountain, the burner, and the dust outlet.

At the same time, stove painting deepens people’s feelings about the countryside and the friendship among the farmers. So far near He Village, many elderly people will tell the story of the postman Lu Qian, who would draw free stove paintings when he delivered posts.


Fewer and fewer stove paintings

In recent years, with the construction of the new socialist rural area, the stove painting has gradually been replaced by modern ceramic tiles printed with auspicious patterns, and there are fewer and fewer stove painters. In order to pass on the skill of stove painting, Lu Qian often painted on paper at home and applied the skill of stove painting to the construction of beautiful rural areas.

Executive Editor: Ye Ke

Translation: Ye Ke, Chen Wenjing

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