Jinhua dragon lantern show

2019-03-20 12:33:59 source: In Zhejiang; Editor: Mengjiao QIAN


LanternFestival is one of the most important days featured by Chinese people’s impassioned celebrations in their hometowns over the nation's vast territory. And Jinhua City is one of the historical places in Zhejiang Province that well preserves ancient Lantern Festival traditions manifested by the unique dragon lantern show. 


In the old days, every household would select muscular men as representatives to carry long wooden stools with lanterns hung on them. 


The stools were connected, forming into the shape of dragon body. 


According to older generations, the size of the village determines the length of the dragon. The longer the dragon is, the more prosperous the village would be. 


(Executive Editor: Yongliu HE)

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